Sneak Peek: James and Janelle Wedding!

James and Janelle are one country loving, cute couple! I had the honor of being a part of their wonderful and beautiful wedding! James and Janelle got married at The Willows at Rider Ranch in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho! This beautiful venue has everything from an upscale barn to fabulous country fields all set in a quiet and secluded valley between stunning mountains! It could not have been more beautiful! Photographing James and Janelle's wedding was truly a good time... their bridal party was all about having fun and enjoying the day which always makes for great photos! Not only was the bridal party a blast to work with but Janelle had details upon details to decorate for the special day! It was a perfect country wedding! Enjoy!

Often times I start off posts with a smiley photo of the happy couple! I figured this post should be no exception because what killer smiles these two have!

Here is goes... showing off Janelle's wedding day details! Starting it off with some sparkle and shine! Her hairpiece and earrings are fit for a country princess!

The Bridal Bouquet! So stunning!

It's all about the dress and shoes! This horseback riding bride was sure to incorporate white boots into the mix!

Boots and flowers! This photo was Janelle's request!

Bridal necklace with plenty of bling!

Like I said before... Janelle was not short on the details... here are just a few more!

These ladies had some fun getting ready! I love photos like these... they are one of my favorites! Smiles and laughing all around!

The ladies dresses ready and waiting!

A picture perfect ceremony set-up! Now all we need is the Bride and Groom and all their guests!!!

Details, details, details... I LOVE it!

The whole bridal party... one great looking group! I loved photographing them... it was such a blast!

The handsome Groom ready to say "I Do."

Having a little fun out in the fields! What a wonderful backdrop!

The beautiful Bride... Ready to meet her Groom!

The banner for the head table at the reception says it all! 

More fabulous details!

It's always ok for the Bride and Groom to give each other kisses... even if the rest of the Bridal Party thinks otherwise!

Fun photos of the Bride and Groom!

I love hand holding photos!

James and Janelle are so much fun... I think these two photographs show just a little glimpse of how much they enjoy being together! (Don't you love the pose Janelle is giving us in the second photo... What a cutie!)

Country kisses in front of one of the barns! 

So the ladies decided to blow some kisses towards the Bride... and then...

The guys decided to copy them and blow some kisses towards the Groom! I had to laugh about these two photographs... who pulls off the kiss blowing better?!?! (The guys kinda rocked it I must say!)

Married and loving every minute of their special day! I can't help but smile over the second photograph! That just screams "I'm so excited to be married to you!!!"

Hay bales, a fabulous Bridal Party, and the most wonderful backdrop... it doesn't get any better than this!

Oh my gosh... the look on their faces makes my heart melt!!! So perfect!

One of my favorites... I love how this photograph shows off Janelle's country bridal boots!!!

As usual... ending the post with one of my personal favorites from the day! I love the romantic moment between the happy couple!

To James and Janelle... Many congrats!!! It was a true honor to be a part of your wedding day! With everything from wonderful details to the most fun and easy-going bridal party... your wedding day was a blast! I'm so blessed to have been a part of creating photographs you will cherish for years and years to come! I hope this will not be the last time I get to photograph you two... please contact me for all your future photography needs! Wishing you all the best as husband and wife! Congratulations! Cheers!!!

Sneak Peek: Annalisa and Cory Wedding!

Annalisa and Cory tied-the-knot this past weekend, at Chateau Rive at the Flour Mill, in downtown Spokane! This fabulous couple is best described as sweet and fun! They are so kind and loving! I had the honor of being a part of their engagement and wedding! (To see photos from their Distinction Studio Engagement Session click the following link). Without saying a ton... here are a few photos from their beautiful wedding! Enjoy!

The whole Bridal Party... they look picture perfect!

Downtown Spokane is never short on photo opportunities... the bridges across the Spokane River are one of my personal favorites! 

It's all in the Bridal details... the dress and the flowers! Annalisa choose the perfect dress and flowers fit for a princess!

I love bridal... The veil is no exception... it makes for the perfect photo addition! 

Annalisa is a beautiful Bride! Cory is a handsome Groom!

I'm all about couples who find a unique way of incorporating their personalities into their wedding... Annalisa and Cory have a joke about lobsters and chose to take full advantage of their shared joke!

Not only did their cake topper incorporate a lobster theme... but check out the matching shoes and socks combination for the Bride and Groom! (I know Annalisa said the lobster shoes for her wedding had mixed reviews from her bridal party... but if the photographer's opinion means anything... I think it was perfect! It shows personality and it's unique!!! Kudos Annalisa!!!).

First of all, don't ask what I was standing on to get this photo (although in my defense it was totally worth it). I'm loving the whole Bridal Party gathered around the Bride and Groom!

Sometimes walking in the middle of the road is completely necessary... especially when it's your wedding day!!!

How completely cute and wonderful are Annalisa and Cory!?!?! These two make my heart melt! I loved every minute of their special day!

Kisses on the bridge!

A detail shot of the rings! Bling, bling!

Holding hands together for the rest of forever!

Another great photo of the entire Bridal Party! Such a good looking group!

Kisses and love!

As always... ending with a personal favorite from the day! Annalisa and Cory rocked the dipping kiss!!!

To Annalisa and Cory... Congratulations!!! It was such an honor and blessing to be a part of your wedding day! You two make for one of the most sweet and loving couple's I've had the pleasure of photographing! I hope this will not be the last time I get to photograph you two together... because well... I can't get enough of you both! Wishing you all the best as husband and wife! Congratulations! Cheers!!!

To see photos from Annalisa and Cory's Distinction Studio Engagement Session click the following link!




Sneak Peek: David and Angelique Wedding!

I think I should start off this post by saying "Go Hawks!"... Not your typical wedding post statement but very necessary for David and Angelique! These hard-core Seahawks fans incorporated some fabulous football inspired ideas into their wedding and it was more than wonderful! They tied-the-knot at Mirabeau Park in the Spokane, Valley!

David and Angelique make a stunning couple who was a blast to photograph! With everything from great attire to a wonderful venue with so much natural beauty... being a part of their wedding day was a true honor!

The beautiful Bride (with her Seahawks jersey!) and the good looking Groom!

I say it quite a bit, and I'll probably continue to say it... but make sure to take a moment on your wedding day that is just the two of you! A time to relax and have a quiet moment together!

The ladies!

The men!

Oh my gosh... I love David and Angelique's smiles in this photograph! This is priceless! True love!

Here is a small sampling of the Seahawks fun we had! Ready, set, hike!

Wedding day jersey kisses!

Some more Seahawks Football Fun! I love incorporating things that are unique to the couple... I'd say this is just part of what makes David and Angelique so wonderfully unique!

One of my favorite bridal part pictures! The guys are giving football signals while the girls are attempting to give some football signals but I think about half of them are not too sure :-) It's so fabulous!!! Go Hawks!

Some love and passion from the happy couple on their wedding day! 

I love that David is helping to carry Angelique's dress :-) What a gentleman!

I'm a sucker for this image... black and white and beautiful!

Ending this post with a personal favorite (as always)... This was during David and Angelique's first look! The sun came through the tree perfectly and they shared a kiss! It doesn't get any better than this!!!

To David and Angelique... Congratulations! It was a blast to be a part of such a fun and unique wedding! I hope this will not be the last time I get to photograph you two together! It was such an honor to be a part of your wedding day! I wish you both all the best and years of laughter and love together! Congratulations! Cheers!!!

Sneak Peek: Jon and Kate Wedding!

I am so excited to share Jon and Kate's Wedding! The happy couple got married at the most fabulous, over the top, beautiful and wonderful wedding venue... Foxwood House in Newport, WA! This venue is full of surprises around every corner with everything from a Saloon to a old fashion gas station! I absolutely cannot wait to be back to Foxwood House again! 

Jon and Kate both live in western Washington but were very excited to get married in the beautiful Inland Northwest! I'm so glad they contact me from all the way across the state because it was truly a pleasure to be a part of their wedding day!

It's all in the details!

Kate's beautiful wedding dress! Can I just say this is a pretty fabulous wedding dress photo with the gazebo and everything!

"Happily Ever After Starts Here!"... How great is this sign as you walk through the main entrance into Foxwood House!?!? Also, please take note of Kate's stunning accessories! Those garters are fit for a princess!

Showing off the rings!

I love when the Bride is getting ready, especially when it's in black and white! These moments are so special!

The ceremony all set up and ready to go!

Table centerpieces and wedding aisle decor! These details just keep coming!

It's not ALL about the Bride... We've got to show off the Groom getting ready too!

Jon is going to look so sharp in his country attire! I'm loving the leather vest! Too perfect!

Kate is a stunning Bride!

Jon is one good looking Groom!

Jon and Kate's first look! 

When Jon and Kate had their first look, they decided they were not going to kiss until their ceremony... I thought this was such a cute idea because even though they had already seen each other before the ceremony, there can still be something exciting to wait for :-) Too cute! What a fun idea for those people who are hesitant to do a first look!

More of the first look! Holding hands forever and for always!

Caught a beautiful photo of the couple taking a moment to relax!

Flowers and cake... two of my favorite parts of the wedding!!!

Who says old, rusted, and completely dirty can't be beautiful! Part of what I love about the Foxwood House is all the different photo opportunities... taking something abandoned and using it for a photo spot!

Those smiles are amazing!

I didn't realize all the fabulous photos I got of Jon and Kate... it's so hard to choose which photos to share! Oh please take note of the old style gas station set up! How cool is that??? Another great photo spot!!!

The Bridal Party having fun and striking a pose!

Quiet and romantic!

Kate being walked down the aisle by her dad!

The Wedding Ceremony!!!

It's vital during the ceremony to get the faces of the Bride and Groom!

You may now Kiss the Bride!

Jon and Kate are married and so excited!!! What a beautiful ceremony!

Now it's time for the reception! Cutting the cake! Will they be naughty or nice?!?! These two both decided to be nice! 

All these kiddos decided to sit along this ledge and watch the first dance... it was so perfect, I couldn't help but snap a photo! By the way, who gets that many kids to all smile at once? This photographer does!!!

The first dance! Dancing and holding each other close!

More from the first dance... looking deep into each other's eyes and ending with a kiss!

Lifting each other up! Well at least Jon is lifting up Kate! :-) 

Oh man... the look on Kate's face in this photo gets to me every time!

Together, holding hands!

One (of my many) favorite photos is this black and white photo of Jon and Kate sharing a kiss! It's just beautiful! I love it! Then showing this relaxing moment of the couple! It's always important to take a few minutes together on your wedding day to relax!

Jon giving us a thumbs up... I'd say this Groom is excited to be married!

Gosh... now are you starting to see why it was so hard for me to choose which images of Jon and Kate to share on this post?!?! There are so many good ones!!!

The couple hanging out at the Saloon! Who can say they had a private saloon at their wedding?!?! 

Ending this post with two of my personal favorites! This would be one of the two!

I'm thinking this is my other favorite... You all know I'm a sucker for the dipping kiss! That is love!!!

To Jon and Kate... Congratulations! I am so honored to have been a part of your wedding day! You both made photographing your wedding a pleasure; with your flexibility and easy-going personalities it was truly a blast! I hope (even though you live across the state) you will be in touch and contact Distinction Studio for ALL your future photography needs!!! Congratulations! Cheers!!!


Sneak Peek: High School Senior Tiara!

2015 High School Senior Tiara had her senior portraits recently done and of course needs a wonderful sneak peek!

With brightly colored roses behind her and the most beautiful smile... Tiara is ready for 2015!!!

I'm always up for striking a pose and this one rocked! In the second photo... Tiara is showing off some of her collection of game cards!

I'm all about those bright red lips! Watch out... this girl is ready for just about anything!


Could Tiara be any more cute?!?!

Beautiful in black and white! I'm loving this photograph... it's the perfect combination of traditional and fun!

I can't decide if it's Tiara's eyes or her smile that just make my heart melt! It's possible that the combination of her eyes and her smile are what gets to me... either way... STUNNING!!!

Cute and casual! 

Saving a personal favorite for last! I am in love with the confetti blowing (even if it makes a mess of the studio... it's completely worth it!!!) :-) Cheers!

To Tiara... Thank you so much for having Distinction Studio capture a wonderful and exciting time! I am so excited for you and hope your senior year is amazing!!! Cheers!!!