Sneak Peek: Pat and Michelle Engagement!

Pat and Michelle are one great couple and I am blessed to be a part of their engagement and their 2015 wedding! It's so much fun to create photo magic with a couple that clearly enjoys life! Michelle wanted a fall engagement session and managed to incorporate her artistic side into the photos... She made their save-the-date sign, a wooden sign complete with Bible reference, and also wrote on a hockey puck! WOW! I'd say we've got lots to share, so without saying too much more... Here are Pat and Michelle! Welcome to the Distinction Studio Family! Cheers!

Beautiful smiles in the fall leaves!

A loving embrace for the happy couple... Can you please take a moment and notice Michelle's smile in this photo... I think she is happy to be engaged! Then a great black and white kissing photo... I can never get enough photos like this one, classic and beautiful!

"He Shoots, He Scores" ... Oh my gosh... this is just too clever!

Just taking a little romantic moment together!

Because who doesn't love throwing leaves in the air and kissing beneath them as they fall?!?!?! Then of course a little more hockey fun!

Holding hands and showing off the bling!

Photo sessions with Distinction Studio are tons of fun... especially when we get to laugh and throw leaves around! 

"We love because He first loved us." -1 John 4:19 ... I love the sign Michelle made :-) this girl has thought of everything!

A little kiss on the hand... so sweet!

Another smiley photo of the happy couple! Oh and I guess now you all know what I will be doing on August 8, 2015! I'll be photographing Pat and Michelle's Wedding Day; And I can't wait!!!

Oh my goodness... I'm loving this "peek-a-boo" photo of Pat giving Michelle a smooch!

If you check out the Distinction Studio Instagram you have already seen this photograph in color... but now you get to enjoy it in black and white! Either way... its romantic and loving! One of my favorites!

As always, I save the last photo of a sneak peek post to share my personal favorite! I can't get enough of Michelle and Pat! Leaves all over, and lots of smiles and love... It's photo magic!

To Pat and Michelle... Congratulations on your engagement! I am so honored to be a part of this special time in your lives! What a great couple; I can't wait to create photography magic all over again on your wedding day next summer! Cheers!!!

Sneak Peek: Ryan and Amanda Engagement!

Welcome Ryan and Amanda to the Distinction Studio Family! Ryan and Amanda wanted a fall themed engagement session and I know we captured just that! These photos are just stunning... Sometimes when I finish a photo session in my head I end up wishing it was my husband and I in the photos... this was one of those sessions... I just love the beautiful fall colors, the leaves, and the smiles and love between a fabulous couple! Here's to Ryan and Amanda! Cheers!!!

Those of you who read the Distinction Studio Blog regularly know I often start with a smiley photo of the happy couple... It doesn't get a whole lot more smiley than this!

The most fabulous Save-The-Date that even includes their pup Leo! What a great looking family! Toss the leaves in the air and give each other a kiss! Ryan and Amanda pretty much rocked the multi-tasking of throwing leaves and kissing... precious!!!

Sometimes a big kiss on the cheek is exactly what you need... Ryan doesn't seem to be complaining at all :-) 

Showing off the bling! I'd say Ryan did a great job choosing the perfect ring!

One of my favorites is this black and white with Amanda and Ryan kissing on the bench... doesn't it look like it should be in a magazine or something... maybe a fairy tail... Beautiful! Oh and then of course I'm going to toss in another smiley photo because this couple is just too cute!

I'm almost certain that this photo is going to be framed someplace... everyone is looking fabulous and even pup Leo seems to have a little smile! :-)

You all know how much of a sucker I am for bridges... Another bridge and a little more photo magic!

Who says your eyes have to be open to have a great photograph? I love the peaceful moment captured in this photograph! Pumpkins that include their Save-The-Date... Heck yes!!! So wonderful... now I guess you all know what I will be doing August 7, 2015 :-) You've got it... I'll be making photo magic once again with Ryan and Amanda on their wedding day!!!

The way Amanda looks at Ryan makes my heart melt!

Ending with a personal favorite... a passionate moment captured through the red leaves! I'm loving this "peek-a-boo" photo! (Please note that "peek-a-boo" photo is not a technical term... but it is the term I use... I think it's cute and clever!)

To Ryan and Amanda... First of all, I'm gushing over your engagement photographs! You both make for an adorable couple! I am so excited to be a part of your wedding next year and create photo magic all over again! Wishing you both all the best during your engagement! Cheers!!!

Sneak Peek: James and Joanne Maternity Session!

This isn't James and Joanne's first photo session with Distinction Studio! In fact... exactly one year ago from the date we took these photographs, I was photographing their beautiful wedding! Check out their sneak peek from their wedding at this link! James and Joanne loved working with Distinction Studio so much I got to spend the day photographing them on their first anniversary! (WOW! What an honor!!!) This 1st Anniversary session was very special because the happy couple is also expecting their first little bundle of joy! Their baby son is due at the end of October... So, we had a 1st Anniversary/Maternity Session! Here is just a little sneak peek from the fabulous session we had! Photos were all taken at Arbor Crest Wine Cellars (the same place they tied-the-knot 1 year ago!)... Enjoy!!!

One cute family that will have a new addition by the end of the month!!! Happy Anniversary to James and Joanne and congratulations on your new addition!!!

I'm loving this black and white maternity photo of Joanne... what a beautiful mommy-to-be!

The framing of Joanne with the leaves was too perfect not to share! Then... as many of you know... I never complain when kisses are involved... so cute!

This little boy is going to be well loved! I'm so excited for James and Joanne... I can't wait to meet the little guy!

What is it about baby shoes that is just so adorable?!?! A little love from Daddy!!!

Joanne and James had a very similar wedding photograph so we mimicked it... this time with a baby bump!!!

I think this photograph needs to have a caption saying "Mommy WINS!!!"

Seriously... how wonderful are these photos?!?! I'm gushing over the love, passion, smiles and happy couple!!!

Just a little detail photo with the belly and baby shoes!

One of my personal favorites... a mommy and daddy who are so excited to welcome their son into the world!

To James and Joanne... I love photographing you two and I can't wait to meet your little man!!! Wishing you all the best in the days before your delivery! I'm looking forward to the little guys newborn photographs when I will get to create photo magic once again!!! Happy 1st Anniversary! Cheers!!!


James and Joanne's Wedding Sneak Peek!

James and Joanne's Pre-Sneak Peek for their Wedding!

Sneak Peek: Dustin and Janay Wedding!

I tend to make friends with almost all the people I photograph... which is part of the reason I absolutely love being a photographer! I have to say... Bride, Janay was no exception! Throughout her engagement and wedding we became friends and I am so honored to have been a part of Dustin and Janay's Wedding! The wedding took place at a private residence (Janay's parent's home), that was decorated and styled beautifully! Without rambling on too much about how wonderful their wedding was... I am excited to share Dustin and Janay's Wedding sneak peek! Enjoy!!!

A smiley photo of the happy couple on their wedding day! What a great spot for photos!!! Beautiful!

I'm loving the dress that Janay chose from Cameo Bridal (formerly known as Storybook Bridal) in Coeur d'Alene, ID. This dress was made for her!!!

Why have just one pair of shoes on your wedding day when you could have two?!?!

The ladies having fun getting ready... With hair and make-up by Flawless Salon in Coeur d'Alene, ID these ladies were sure to look absolutely perfect for Janay's special day!

I love the first look... Dustin and Janay chose a spot along the river to first see each other on their wedding day! It doesn't get much more picturesque than this!

The whole bridal party... they were such an amazing group of people! Dustin and Janay sure have some wonderful friends and family!!!

The beautiful bridesmaids!

The handsome groomsmen!

A little sassy and sexy on the wedding day! 

Dustin carrying his bride over the threshold... Oh my goodness... I can't stand this couple... so adorable!!!

Photos of the bride and groom!

These two photographs are the Bride's request... Janay, I hope these don't disappoint! 

Romantic and loving!


A few photographs from the wedding ceremony!

And just a few more from the ceremony!

Moments after the wedding ceremony I gathered the Bridal Party and we caught this photograph! I love how excited the entire bridal party is for the newlyweds! 

It's all about the rings and Janay getting a new last name! :-) Well maybe not ALL about those things... but they are sure important!

You know my addiction to the bride and groom photographs... which is why for Dustin and Janay's sneak peek I am sharing so many photos of just the two of them! I can't help myself!

So I'm going to end the post with 4 of my personal favorites because 4 is MUCH better than just one right?!?! I'm a sucker for the dipping kiss and the background in the photo is just to die for!!! Stunning!!!

Two more of my favorites... a little bride and groom romance and passion!

My absolute favorite from Dustin and Janay' Wedding Day! I love the sun peeking through the tress and the happy couple looking out! I'm thinking photography magic!!!


To Dustin and Janay... I'm so glad to have made two new friends! Being a part of your wedding day was a true honor. I know you two are going to make a great team! Being husband and wife will only strengthen the blessing you are and will be to so many people! I can't wait to photograph you both again in the future; and I hope to not only be your lifetime photographer but also a friend! Congratulations! Cheers!!!


Sneak Peek: Michael and Candice Wedding!

I'm loving Candice and Michael's beautiful local Spokane wedding! It was held at a private residence (Candice's Aunt and Uncle's Home) and my goodness it did it not disappoint! Oh... and if you never got a chance to see, Candice and Michael had a Distinction Studio Engagement Session before they tied-the-knot... Click this link to view some of those photographs! This wonderful couple had everything for their wedding planned out beautifully and I can't wait to share some of their fabulous photographs! Enjoy!

All smiles and love on their wedding day! So excited they are finally husband and wife!!!

Candice makes a STUNNING bride! Michael makes one good looking groom!

Who says an old floral couch can't make for a great wedding photo prop?!?! I think it works great!

Candice had the cutest and most unique first look idea! :-) Balloons were used to hide each other's faces! 

Michael and Candice each had a balloon bouquet to hold...

Then they faced each other with the balloons hiding their faces...

They counted to 3 and let the balloons fly away; revealing each other on their wedding day!!! It was seriously adorable!!!

The whole bridal party looked great!

Some bride and groom love!

Showing off the bling!

A quiet and romantic moment!

The ladies... aren't they looking fabulous?!?!

The men... they enjoyed having fun for photos!

I love when the bride and groom are holding hands... It's simplistic beauty!

You know how hard it is for me to resist sharing a dipping photo... especially when a kiss is involved, it makes it even better!!! 

Candice and Michael are so adorable and it's tough to not share all their wonderful photographs... of course... here are two more I couldn't resist sharing!

The entire bridal party was laughing... I caught this image right before we get set up for the next photo... it turned out so good I had to laugh when I saw it because it was completely unplanned! Candid at it's very best!

Michael and Candice do romantic and loving so well... they also rocked the smiles and laughs... It's so clear this is a couple who continuously enjoys one another!

The most loving, perfect image! Photography magic!

Ending with my personal favorite as usual... The water rushing over the rocks and the happy couple sharing a kiss! I love this image!!! Photography magic once again!!!

To Michael and Candice... It's been a long time coming! I'm pretty sure you booked your wedding photography almost 2 years ago!!! Haha! It has been so great getting to know you both and being able to share in such a special time! What an honor it is to have been a part of your wedding!!! I truly hope this is only the beginning of many more photographs I get to take of you both as husband and wife! Congratulations! Cheers!!!