Sneak Peek: Levi and Brittany Engagement!

I am officially convinced that Downtown Spokane is one of my favorite places for a photo session... The possibilities are endless and I'm always finding new spots that are great for photos! When Levi and Brittany decided on Downtown for their engagement photos I was very excited, then the day came for their photos and I was even more excited because the weather was perfect and I knew this couple was going to get some awesome photographs!

A wonderful smiley photograph of the happy couple! They are looking picture perfect!

Gotta show off the ring! I love it being accented by the L+B (of course Levi+Brittany)! How about an adorable kissing photograph?!?!

Downtown Spokane hosts tons of photo options... Levi requested some photographs with the falls... not only did we get the falls but we also got the bridge! I love this photograph in black and white... it just seems to "pop!"

I said the photo spots are endless... it wouldn't be a complete photo session without the Downtown Spokane Pavilion and the Clock Tower! These pika-a-boo photos are some of my favorite!

Two of my favorite photographs from the day... I can't get enough of Levi and Brittany they are so much fun!

Now this is love! One can't help but smile when seeing this photo... arms wrapped around each other and a moment of pure joy captured!

Humm... possible Save-The-Date??? I think so!!! I cannot wait to be a part of Levi and Brittany's Wedding later this year!

Hand in hand forever!

Oh my gosh! That's about all I can say with this photograph... ADORABLE! Classic, passionate, beautiful... what more could you want?!?!

Oh gosh... two more of my favorites from Levi and Brittany's Engagement Session... A little sassy in the first image and a bit of romance in the second! 

I mean who doesn't love a great dipping photo?!?! Levi and Brittany rocked it!

Ending the blog post with a personal favorite... I love the smiles on Levi and Brittany's face with the sunlight shinning perfectly! It's just a whole lot of bright shinning love!

To Levi and Brittany... Congratulations on your engagement! It was such a blast wandering around Downtown Spokane capturing your passion and love for each other! I can't wait to be a part of your wedding day later this year!!! We are going to have a blast all over again creating photo magic! Cheers!!!


GO HAWKS!!! I don't normally do a blog post on the weekends... but I think that the Seattle Seahawks making it to the Superbowl calls for an exception! This post isn't really a sneak peek either because I have already shared some of the wonderful photographs from Brad and Sharissa's engagement session... To see more photos of this adorable couple and their engagement please click the following link! All these photographs were taken at Foxwood House (a unique and fun wedding and event venue in Newport, WA). I think these photos are a great way to cheer on the Hawks! Enjoy and Cheers!!!

Rocking their jerseys and some great smiles!

Showing off some personality and getting a football in the photo! "She Said Yes" is just about the cutest way to announce your engagement! I'm loving how Sharissa is sure to let everyone know she is excited! 

I enjoyed the "She Said Yes" football so much we had to use it in a few more photographs! A black and white passionate one and of course another fun photo with some touchdown arms! (Let's hope the Hawks score lots of touchdowns during the game!!!)

AWE! If you don't just adore those smiles and the look on their faces I'm not sure what to say because these two look so happy and in love! 

These fans are turning up the heat... OOO-La-La!!! I'm feeling the passion!

Keeping each other close forever!

Game time baby! Photography magic... This photograph just makes me want to smile! How cute are Brad and Sharissa!?!?! These two will be cheering on their Seattle Seahawks in the Superbowl and so will I :-) ... GO HAWKS!!!

Sneak Peek: Jordan and Amanda Engagement!

I am very excited to share this wonderful and snowy engagement session! So first of all... the photos were all taken at Denison Ridge, which is a spectacular wedding and event venue just north of Spokane... Even covered in snow this venue has the most wonderful photo opportunities and I had WAY TOO MUCH FUN capturing the love and romance between Jordan and Amanda! This great couple also booked their wedding photography with Distinction Studio, so this will not be the last you see of them because later this year is their wedding! I'm looking forward to creating photo magic once again with this fabulous couple! Alright, so most of you know I could ramble on and on... without talking a bunch more here is Jordan and Amanda and their winter-wonderland engagement photos!!!

As always... starting off the blog post sneak peek with a "smiley" photograph of the happy couple! They are so cute!!!

It wouldn't be a complete engagement session without a few photographs with their son Aidan! I think I might have a little crush on Mr. Aidan... what a stud! 

Aidan was sure to make engagement photographs tons of fun! Got some great photos with dad and mom... then...

... We played in the snow! Time for a little snow throwing and many laughs and giggles! Yes... I even got some snow thrown on me too :-) But like I've said before... I'll do "almost" anything for a great photo!

Alright... now we are back to the love and romance of Jordan and Amanda! The snow covered wood makes for the picture perfect spot!

Showing off the bling!

Walking hand and hand through the winter wonderland! Oh gosh... it's just making my heart melt!

Can't get enough of these two!

Sitting on a swing has never looked better! Amanda's smile as she looks up at Jordan is adorable!

Turning up the heat with some LOVE and PASSION!!! I couldn't help but share these photos. These are winter engagement photographs at their best! 

Kisses in the cold! I just love this image!

Finishing off the post with a personal favorite from the day! This photographs screams classic love! Black and white... a dipping kiss... Honestly it doesn't get any better! Photography magic!

To Jordan and Amanda... You two (plus Aidan of course!) are so much fun! I am thrilled to be a part of your engagement and wedding day! Thank you for being so wonderful and making my job an absolute blast! Congratulations on your engagement and welcome to the Distinction Studio Family! Cheers!!!


Distinction Studio Up-Date!!!

Hello to all the wonderful Distinction Studio fans, followers, and family... As many of you know; I am expecting a little bundle of joy to arrive sometime around the end of January 2015! My husband and I are VERY excited to welcome our little Carter into the world. We don't know exactly when he will arrive but we are anxiously waiting (or possibly he has already arrived depending on when you read this post). It has been a true blessing all the love, support, and understanding the Distinction Studio Family has shown to me and my growing family during this time. I am writing this post to let people know I am NOT ignoring you if I don't respond right away to a social media comment, email, or phone call... It is just that I may be busy with a new baby. Please know you are very important to me and I will respond as soon as I possibly can. Thank you so much for your continued patients and understanding as my family and I welcome little Carter into the world! Cheers!!!

My amazing husband, Tyler... Our pup, and the "Distinction Studio Mascot," Lady Dog... and myself (with little Carter inside!)

Sneak Peek: Jeff and Nina!

I love a wonderful Lake Coeur d'Alene photo session!!! Jeff and Nina are one cute married couple and I'd say they turned up the heat on a chilly day because they have some wonderful photographs! They braved the cold of December and we got some great photographs of their love!

As always, starting off a blog post with an adorable photograph of the couple!

Who says wandering around the Coeur d'Alene Resort can't lead to some great photographs???

Awe! Walking hand in hand along the beach! It was beautiful and sunny but don't let that fool you... it was COLD!!!

One of my personal favorites... sharing a smooch on the couch inside the Coeur d'Alene Resort! I love their reflection on the table top too (you've gotta look close but it's there!).

Some more love from Jeff and Nina! This couple was so much fun; They were relaxed and easy going which made photographing them a breeze! 

Sometimes taking a moment to enjoy the simple things in life is best! Especially when it's with the one you love!

Turning up the heat with a picture perfect "almost" kiss! Oh and staying warm is key when having a December photo session... all bundled up and looking fabulous!

There is so much love going around during the holidays and Jeff and Nina made sure to join in on the fun! I love seeing a happy couple sharing a kiss by the lake!

I love living in such a beautiful area! Lake Coeur d'Alene makes for the perfect photo backdrop!

Holding each other close and never letting go!

Ending with my personal favorite! I can't get enough of all the geese lined up along the water edge... toss in the beautiful mountains in the background and I'd say it's photo magic for Jeff and Nina!

To Jeff and Nina... It was such a blast getting to create wonderful photographs together! I truly hope to see you back again! Wishing you all the best with so much love and joy! Cheers!!!