Sneak Peek: Tim and Erin Wedding!

When Erin contacted me to photograph her wedding, I was so excited! Tim and Erin had an intimate ceremony at a private residence and then had a wonderful dinner reception at the Steam Plant in Downtown Spokane! This couple was all about incorporating their four legged friends into their wedding day and it turned out wonderfully! We did some photographs with Erin's horse and Tim's dog... AND... BONUS we even got some photographs with Erin, Tim, the horse and the dog! Long story shot... Tim and Erin had a beautiful ceremony and got some awesome photographs with their furry friends and some wonderful photographs of the two of them together (of course!)... So let's get to the fun part... sharing a little sneak peek from their special day! Enjoy!

A smiley photograph of the happy couple! Congratulations to Tim and Erin!

Showing off the rings!

Time for the Wedding Ceremony!



If you follow the Distinction Studio Facebook Page you might have seen this photograph... but it's so great, I had to share it again!

You might be thinking... hmmm putting a bright red tractor into your wedding photographs is a bit different... which I suppose it might be... but it is actually a great idea when that tractor has a special story to go with it... Tim proposed to Erin by this exact tractor! So naturally I thought it would be a good idea to snag a few wedding photos by it!


A man with his dog!

A beautiful bride with her horse!


So I mentioned how Tim and Erin had a Dinner reception at the Steam Plant in Downtown Spokane... Here are just a few photographs to enjoy! Very industrial! I love it!

I like to end blog posts with a personal favorite from the day... The photo below takes the top spot for me! It's just one of those moments between a couple that shows a glimpse into their love story! I can't get over how adorable Erin and Tim are in this photo!

To Tim and Erin... Congratulations! You are married! I am so blessed to have been a part of your wedding day! I loved incorporating your four legged friends into some photographs too! I know you won't be staying in the Spokane area but I hope we will be able to stay in touch and I will have the honor of photographing you again in the future! Congratulations and Cheers!!!

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Sneak Peek: Pat and Michelle Wedding!

I could write a short novel about Pat and Michelle... but of course I won't do that here! These two are such an adorable couple; and being high school sweet-hearts they have some of the most wonderful stories about their journey to becoming husband and wife! They got married at one of my favorite wedding venues in the Spokane area... Denison Ridge in Clayton, WA. Their wedding day was filled with details in shades of peach and pink and everything was planned out beautifully! I'm so excited to share photographs from their special day... enjoy!

A cute smiley photograph of the happy couple on their wedding day!

This sign was a surprise for Michelle from Pat on their wedding day! How perfect! I'm sure it will be hanging in their home for years to come!

Showing off a few photographs of the beautiful bride on her wedding day!

Pat made a handsome groom!

The first look! (I have to say one of my most favorite parts of the entire wedding day is when the bride and groom see each other for the first time... it's so special and wonderful!)

We used this sign in Pat and Michelle's wonderful fall engagement session, so of course it was only fitting that we use it for a wedding photograph also! (To see photographs from their engagement session click this link!)

Dang Pat... dang Michelle! WOWZA! These two sure know how to rock a dipping photo! 

This is one great bridal party! They were so much fun and such an awesome group!

The ladies looking fabulous as ever!

I'd say the guys clean up pretty well!


Moments before the wedding ceremony the ladies said prayers over Michelle... It was such a beautiful moment! I have to admit... I may have shed a tear myself! 

The Wedding Ceremony!

Time to celebrate Pat and Michelle are married!!! That is one excited bridal party!

Had to show off the adorable cake and the cake kiss! :-) 

My favorite is showing off photographs of the happy couple! Here is just a small sample of the many wonderful photos of Pat and Michelle!

Ending with my personal favorites from the day! I can't get over the veil blowing in the wind! Love it!

Pat's request was a light trail sparkler photograph... Well... I'd say we rocked it! 

To Pat and Michelle... I pray God will always bless you in your marriage; Keep The Lord at the center of your relationship and through him all things are made strong! I am blessed to know you both and honored to have been a part of your engagement and wedding... and I hope this is not the end of photographing you two but the beginning! Congratulations! Cheers!!!

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Sneak Peek: Ryan and Amanda Wedding!

So I knew that I liked Ryan and Amanda because I got to know them during their wonderful engagement session back in the fall (to see AWESOME photos from their engagement session click this link)... then their wedding came this summer and now I am completely convinced that I REALLY, REALLY like Ryan and Amanda (without sounding creepy and weird haha!). Anyway, these two are adorable together. They are high school sweet-hearts and totally in-love with each other! I can't get over how much these two make each other laugh and smile. It's almost like a fairy tail! Ryan treats Amanda like a princess and it is honestly the most precious, wonderful thing I've seen! Apparently I am all about the mushing stuff... let's get to the fun part... the photographs from their special day! They got married at Beacon Hill in Spokane, WA. 

It's my thing to start off blog posts with a smiley photograph of the happy couple! My goodness... these two look so good!

Let's show off the bling! Plus a unique dress photograph (It worked perfectly with Amanda's dress; the light splashing through the layers of tulle and fabric is spot on)!

The First Look!

I love to get the photograph of the Groom checking out his Bride for the first time on their wedding day! I'm pretty sure Ryan is thinking "Dang girl!"


Ryan is looking pretty sharp! In the next photo... Ryan's boutonnière has a great little story... the lace and some of the fabric incorporated into it are from his mom's wedding dress! (Seriously... what a great idea! I love details like these that make something unique and special!)

The stunning Bride on her wedding day! Dang Amanda... looking beautiful! Amanda's bouquet was fit for a princess... with pinks, whites and little pops of bling!

The Wedding Ceremony!

Happily married... it's time to share a few photographs of the bridal party!

I couldn't help myself... as we were taking the walking photograph (above) Ryan and Amanda had to make sure to avoid a little goose poop on the lawn! The photo turned out pretty funny, so I had to share it (photo below)! (Don't worry... The Bride and Groom avoided the poop and no attire was harmed the making if this photograph!)

My personal favorite... Photographs of the Bride and Groom! This first image is one of my favorites and was shared already on the Distinction Studio Facebook and Instagram! It's too wonderful to not include in Ryan and Amanda's blog post though; so here it is again!

Ending Ryan and Amanda's sneak peek with two of my personal favorites from the day! This first one with the wedding veil over them is just jaw dropping! LOVE IT!!!

A beautiful sunset on their first day as husband and wife! I'm loving everything about this photo! Photo magic!

To Ryan and Amanda... Oh my goodness... You both are truly wonderful and it was such a joy to be a part of your engagement and wedding! I can honestly say that you two are one of the most fantastic couples! It has been so great getting to know you both. The love you share is one to write home about! I am so excited for the two of you! Welcome to married life... full of laughs, love, and so many blessings! Congratulations! Cheers!!!

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Sneak Peek: Megan and Jacob Maternity!

Megan and Jacob had a great maternity session earlier this week at beautiful Denison Ridge! This couple got some wonderful photographs and is very excited for their baby boy who will be arriving sometime in September! I am so honored to be a part of this special time! So without writing too much (mostly because I can't wait to share the pictures) let's get to the photographs! Enjoy!

As always... a wonderful smiley photograph of the happy couple... or should I say the happy Mommy and Daddy!

Just gushing over this photograph of Megan! What an adorable mommy! Megan... I'd say pregnancy looks beautiful on you!

Baby bump! So perfect!

There is something about an expecting mom that is just perfection... Megan is going to make a great mommy!  Showing some love... I can't get over this baby-belly-kissing photo... Dang Jacob and Megan!

Sweet moments captured of an adorable couple!

If you follow the Distinction Studio Facebook you've probably seen this photograph... but it's one of my favorites! Love it!

A STUNNING maternity profile photo! 

It won't be long before these two will have a little baby boy's hand to hold! Ummm... possible family photo idea for the future?!?!? Hint, hint... I just hope I'll continue to photograph this family for years to come!

Sweet moments together!

A little peek-a-boo photo! I think when I was taking this photo Jacob and Megan were laughing at me because I was getting all excited about how great the picture was going to be... I'd say it turned out just wonderfully!

Finishing off the post with a few of my favorites... handholding and kissing while showing off the adorable little baby bump! Then my absolute favorite from the day... Jacob and Megan smiling at each other as they await the arrival of their little boy!

To Megan and Jacob... It was so much fun being a part of this wonderful and exciting time in your life! I pray a safe and healthy delivery for both Megan and for Baby! I can't wait to meet your little boy for his newborn photo session! Wishing your new family all the best! Congratulations! 

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Sneak Peek: Kade's First Birthday!

Little Kade had his newborn photos taken just about a year ago! (To see Kade's Newborn Session Click This Link!) I was so excited to see him back again... a whole year older! I sure hope this becomes a yearly tradition with this sweet little boy! Kade is a busy boy and ready for just about anything! Happy First Birthday to a wonderful little dude!

This first photo just made me laugh... SO EXCITED TO BE ONE!!!

Kade was too cute with all the different faces he was making so I've got to share a few of the MANY faces of Kade! Enjoy!

Well I hope some of those fun Kade faces made your day... I know they sure make me smile! These next two photos are just great... I had to laugh because I think that sweet little face gives just a hint of being a slightly mischievous! Watch out mom and dad... this little guy is ready to rock and roll!

I think Kade's mom called this his "nerd grin"... What do you think... is mom right when she says it's a "nerd grin"???

Check out this fabulous sign all about Kade! It's perfect! Great job mom! 

Ending the post with a sweet and adorable little boy! Happy First Birthday Kade; You are one handsome dude! I can't wait to continue photographing you and your family! Cheers!!!

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