Sneak Peek: Anna and Joe Engagement!

How cute are Joe and Anna? The most fun and goofy couple! I just loved doing their engagement photographs... I was literally laughing right along with them which made it so fun! The beautiful Mirabeau Park in the Spokane Valley was the photo location and I knew we were sure to get stunning photographs... Then the weather was warm and sunny which made it even more picture perfect! Here's to Anna and Joe who are tying the knot this coming June and Distinction Studio will be a part of their wonderful wedding day!!!

I enjoy starting off a sneak peek with a cute and smiley photo of the happy couple!

I couldn't keep Joe from giving Anna kisses :-) I wasn't complaining though; I'm always a fan of a beautiful and passionate kiss... especially when it's in front of a cascading waterfall!

Holding on tight to each other's love and holding on tight to each other's hands!

Welcome to the beautiful Inland Northwest! 

I said that Anna and Joe were goofy... I'm still not entirely sure what they were doing, but with those smiles it appears they were having fun and that's what counts! I always like to know the couple's I work with are having fun while I'm making photography magic for them! 

Love is a two way street... Like I said, Joe couldn't stop kissing Anna... BUT... Anna can't keep off of Joe! They are the cutest!

Spring engagement sessions with sunglasses are the best!

Happy and in-love!

These Broncos Fans wear their jerseys proudly! :-)

With all the fun we were having taking photos, I had to get a few soft and romantic photos! I just love this one!

Smiles and laughing and a little silly playing!

A nice way to show off the ring!

For those of you that follow the Distinction Studio blog you know I often finish posts with a personal favorite... Well here it is... a happy couple with their reflection in the water plus a great little spot to sit give each other some more kisses! To Joe and Anna... I am so excited to be a part of your wedding and I can't wait to have even more fun capturing some stunning photographs together! Cheers!

Sneak Peek: Jackie's Gonzaga Graduation!

I can now say I go back a ways with Jackie :-) I had the honor of photographing and getting a video of Trevor (Jackie's Fiancé) proposing to her. Then a few weeks after the proposal, I got to do engagement photographs of the happy couple! (Please see the bottom of this post for links to all those photos and video) So anyway, needless to say, I was thrilled when Jackie contacted me to do her college graduation photos! Jackie is graduating from Gonzaga University this spring with a degree in nursing! Go Zags and way to go Jackie!

Gonzaga University... I just loved the campus church in the background of this image! Perfection!

Sitting on the steps of the campus church, Jackie sure looks beautiful! 

Wind-blown hair and a stunning smile!

Of course... the classic black and white with the graduation cap and gown! In all honesty, I'm pretty sure Jackie rocks the graduation attire!

Being that nursing school is a lot of work and requires a lot of dedication I figured it only necessary to do a fun and happy graduation photo!

Go Zags... Class of 2014!

I just loved Jackie laughing in this image :-) That grin is bound to make anyone smile!

I love photographing this girl! She is gorgeous... enough said!

I'm loving those curls in Jackie's hair... my goodness!

A pink stethoscope! Please also notice that Jackie's nails are painted to match it :-) 

A little more cheer from the nursing grad!

Jackie has the most beautiful smile. I wanted to end this post with a personal favorite! I am so honored to have been a park of Jackie's graduation! To Jackie... I wish you all the best! Done with college and onto your career! You will be an amazing nurse... your kind heart and loving personality makes for a winning combination! Cheers to finishing your degree! 

Don't forget if you wanted to see more of Jackie; check out the links below! Enjoy!

Jackie and Trevor's Proposal!

Jackie and Trevor's Proposal Video!

Jackie and Trevor's Engagement Session!

Maui 2014!

Recently I got back from a trip to the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii! It was a girls trip to paradise... my mom, myself, and my little sister all ventured over 2,500 miles to enjoy some bonding and girl time on the beautiful beaches and in a tropical paradise! Without going on and on about how much fun I had... I figured it only necessary to share a few photographs (which if you follow the Distinction Studio Instagram you may have already seen a few of these).

Writing in the sand :-) One of my favorite ways to capture the date! I would share some of our beach photos but of course you all don't need to see me in a swimming suit... *wink, wink, smiles*... I will say that I could probably live on a beach, too bad Spokane isn't exactly known for it's white sand beaches like Maui is... but it's so fun to visit!!!

Photo Credit to my little sister who is aspiring to be a photographer (I'm so flattered she is following in my footsteps *smiles*). Her passion for photography is a blast to watch as she learns and develops her skills. She doesn't enjoy photographing people as much as I do (her thing is photographing horses)... but I would say this image is worth posting! Myself with a camera in hand... So typical! Side Note: If you would like to find my little sister's Instagram, she loves horses and has some beautiful horse photos! 

For those of you that don't know me very well... I am going to tell you a secret (although, I'm sorry to say it's probably not much of a secret anymore)... I am completely obsessed with flamingos. No, not the cheesy plastic yard ones... the unique and beautiful ones you might see when visiting Hawaii! I'm a sucker for the goofy and silly animals... they are my favorite!

Another thing I am a sucker for is flowers; and Hawaii is the perfect place to see so many beautiful and colorful flowers! I love the Hibiscus; the range of colors is breathtaking!

Blooming hibiscus! This little flower is just a bud now but will grow to have very large and brightly colored petals. Did you know that a hibiscus is used to make certain types of tea? It is also used in the making of certain types of medicine! 

I'm saving (in my opinion) the best photo for last... While on our vacation, we went on a whale watching excursion and my goodness was it amazing! This image looks like it's out of a National Geographic magazine... only it's not... It's off the camera of Rachel Dornquast! I love this photo so much I printed it large and it is hanging in my house! The whale watching trip was so great I can't even put into words how amazing these giant animals are. A few quick facts... did you know that a humpback whale (the kind you would see when visiting Maui) range from 39-52 feet in length and can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds! WOW! These whales migrate from the north to Maui, to breed and have their babies! While on the trip, I even got to see a baby whale learning how to play and show off! My tip to anyone visiting Maui during whale season... make sure to do a whale watching trip... it's worth it!!! 

Anyway, enough about all this tropical paradise and vacation stuff! Long story short and a few photos later... We had a wonderful vacation on Maui and it was so much fun to spend time with my mom and sister! 

A few side notes... please don't forget there are photography mini-sessions available for booking!!! Visit this link for details and please share with friends and family! Also, Distinction Studio is still looking for 2015 High School Seniors who want to be model representatives for Senior Portraits! Visit this link for details and also share this with friends and family!

Cheers and have a wonderful day!!

A Bit About Red Letter Event Planning!

In the Spokane and Coeur d'Alene area we are blessed with SO many wonderful people in the wedding industry... The other day I had the pleasure of meeting up with Robyn of Red Letter Event Planning! Robyn is over the top fabulous! She knows her stuff and she LOVES the people she works with!

When I met with Robyn, we (and I kid you not) chatted for over two and a half hours!!! WOW!!! We discussed everything from weddings to life and so much more!

Robyn enjoys getting to know the people she works with and strives to always go above and beyond. As we talked, I realized when having Red Letter Event as a part of your wedding (or event) you are not only hiring a wedding planner but an invested and friendly person to help you with all the different aspects of a wedding! Robyn's philosophy on wedding planning is "to really get to know the client so that their wedding reflects them as a couple." I think Robyn's philosophy fits so well with that of Distinction Studio's! We are both a business who truly love what we do and value the people we get to work with!

After talking with Robyn, I just want to do a wedding or event together! I'm sure we would make for a killer team! Thank you so much Robyn and Red Letter Event Planning for sharing a bit about your wonderful business! Here's to a wonderful wedding and event planner! Cheers!

Distinction Studio Mini Session!

You asked... we are answering! Distinction Studio is offering a day of mini-sessions! There are a limited number of sessions available so please contact us ASAP to schedule your session! Have something specific or special... Just ask!!! Want a bit more out of your mini session... we can make that happen!

This type of session is great for Easter, maternity, newborn, birthday, children, head shots, dancers and models, couples, family, individuals and more!

To book your mini-session, contact Rachel at Distinction Studio (425)765-3704. Payment for the session is due at the time of booking (card payment over the phone works great!).