Sneak Peek: Baby Elijah

One of the best parts about my job is having people come back for more photographs! I love being able to capture as kiddos grow! I got to photograph baby Elijah in the hospital when he was born (to see the AMAZING hospital photos click here) and then I got to photograph the little guy again in the studio for a newborn session (to see Elijah's Newborn session click here)... but most recently I had the pleasure of capturing this little man for some Christmas/end of year photographs! We had a blast; at not even 8 months old this little man was getting around wonderfully... crawling everywhere, standing, and even attempting to walk! Yikes! I know his parents have their hands full :-) What a fun studio session we had with everything from sock monkey hats to Christmas books! Enjoy!

"God Bless Our Christmas"... So cute! Elijah didn't really want to hold still when we put him in the red tub but I managed to snap a cute photo before the little man had time to escape! :-) Merry Christmas!!!

I just love a great reflection photograph and Eli managed to rock it! Oh and how could anyone resist this little sock-monkey and big grin!?!?!

Those eyes are just about to die for! I'm loving this cutie! Watch out mom and dad!

Not even 8 months old and this guy is standing on his own and managing to get all over! His adorable little faces makes my heart melt! 

This is a face to love! Those eyes, that look!

The many faces of little Elijah! I'm ending with two of my personal favorite photographs from the session... Eli is all boy and ready for great things! I love photographing this boy and can't wait till the next time! Come back soon little man... you are too much fun!!

Sneak Peek: Ziegler Family!

I am so excited to welcome the Ziegler Family to the Distinction Studio Family! This wonderful family is from Western Washington but was in Spokane visiting family over Thanksgiving and wanted to get some great family pictures... So of course we made it happen! Even though it was VERY windy and a bit chilly outside we got some wonderful photographs I'm sure they are going to enjoy!

The family tree!

Walking hand in hand through the park with family is the best!

Oh my gosh... my favorite! You would never know it was super windy, cold, and the end of November! The bright yellow leaves are the perfect accent to this great family picture!

I couldn't help myself with this photo! It's too cute... Mom and Dad kissing in the background while the kiddos make faces! Who says photo sessions can't be fun?!?!

It's always good to grab a few individual photos of the kids because my gosh they grow up so fast!

These girls were absolute stars during family pictures! They had fun, tried to stay warm, laughed, listened and made for the perfect little models :-) I just hope I get to photograph them again and again! ADORABLE! 

Cute and casual... I just can't get enough of the Ziegler Family!

To the Ziegler Family... Even though it was windy and chilly out I'd say we got some wonderful family pictures despite the weather (at least it wasn't raining). I hope your visit to the Spokane area was a blast and you enjoyed your time with family! I can't wait to photograph you all again in the future (those wheat fields in the summer or early fall are calling our names!). Enjoy your photographs! Cheers!!!

Sneak Peek: Newborn Zachery!

Joanne and James (Mom and Dad) have enjoyed working with Distinction Studio before and it's ALWAYS a pleasure to see them back again! I had the honor of photographing James and Joanne's wedding and then I got to photograph them again for maternity photographsI'm so excited to welcome their little bundle of joy to the Distinction Studio Family!!! Baby Zachery is so precious and completely rocked his newborn photo session in the studio! He was snoozing almost the entire time! I can't wait to photograph him again... maybe 6 months or 1 year?!?! Anyway, let's get to my favorite part... sharing these beautiful newborn photos of little Zachery!

I adore newborn photo sessions! I can't get enough of little Zachery! 

To James and Joanne... As always, it is so much fun getting to create photo magic together! Congratulations on the birth of Baby Zachery! I love watching your family grow and I can't wait to photograph you all again... hopefully for years to come! I wish little Zach all the best and many blessings! Congratulations! Cheers!!! 


Sneak Peek: Nik and Kayla Engagement!

So I'm not exactly old... but sharing this post makes me feel a little old because it was a few years ago I was photographing Kayla's Senior Pictures! WOW! Now I'm doing engagement photographs of her and her fiancé! I can't believe it! I guess that's what a few years can do! Anyway, enough about that... let's talk about Nik and Kayla! This couple is absolutely FABULOUS and holds a special place in my heart! We did their engagement photos at The Ridge at Rivermere; one of my all time favorite venues in the Spokane area! I'm pretty sure Nik and Kayla had a good time during their engagement session because my goodness I couldn't keep them from laughing! Although I'm not complaining because I'm always up for a good time! Both Nik and Kayla love the outdoors and couldn't help but show off their adventurous side while we were taking pictures! This couple was up up for anything and I loved it :-) Without rambling on too much... Here is a little sneak peek of Nik and Kayla's engagement session! 

You've got it... a cute and smiley photograph of the happy couple! Congratulations on your engagement!!!

Nik and Kayla are all smiles (in fact trying to get Kayla to be serious was really a task... but you'll see, I got a few!)

Sometimes it's those serious moments that look so beautiful and romantic... especially when you are covered in leaves!

It's not a complete engagement session without showing off the bling!

Oh there we go... a kiss from the cute couple! Oh and some more great smiles... I just adore these two!

Who says playing in the fall leaves has to just be for little kids?!?! I'd say it's fun no matter how old you are!

Romanic and loving! 

Oh gosh... I'm a bit of a sucker for black and white... plus those smiles... it's one of my favorite things! I'm loving how Nik and Kayla are constant giggles and the look they give each other... it makes my heart melt!

Watch out... I think we just turned up the heat a little bit! 

If you follow the Distinction Studio Instagram you saw this photo already... I think it pretty much summarizes how much fun we have during photo sessions!!!

I'm not entirely sure how Nik and Kayla are getting so many photographs for their sneak peek... but I just love so many of them... I couldn't help but share these two!

A smooch on the cheek! So cute!

I'm always up for a good fence; and the fence line at The Ridge at Rivermere is picture perfect!

As all sneak peeks go... ending with one my personal favorites! I'm such a sucker for the foot-pop; and Kayla rocked it! It's absolutely picture perfect! I just love this image... a wonderful couple with a beautiful backdrop... I'd call it photo magic!

To Nik and Kayla... I am so excited for you two! Congratulations on your engagement! It was such a blast creating photo magic together and I'm so glad we could laugh and have fun while doing it! I'm also glad we got a few kissing photos in :-) I can't wait to be a part of your 2015 wedding! We are going to have a great time all over again creating beautiful photographs together on your wedding day! Welcome to the Distinction Studio Family! Cheers!!!

Sneak Peek: Tyler and Elizabeth Engagement!

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing the wonderful Elizabeth and Tyler! These two are all sorts of fun and very easy going! Their fall engagement session was a blast and I can't wait to photograph their 2015 wedding!!! 

A beautiful smiley photograph of the happy couple!

Two of my favorites... a quiet moment of a loving couple together! Then of course a kiss under the falling leaves!

Pika-a-boo looking through the leaves... I can't get enough of Elizabeth's smile as her fiancé gives her a big kiss!

Showing off the bling and what will be their shared last name!

Sometimes sitting on the fence and just hanging out is the best way to enjoy the beautiful fall colors!

Tyler is such a loving fiancé... it was adorable to photograph Tyler and Elizabeth together because it is clear these two enjoy being together and love to have fun!

Awe! This is a classic "mom's going to love" this photo! Don't they look wonderful!?!?!

Turning up the heat with a little dipping kiss! I mean seriously does it get any better?!?! Elizabeth and Tyler requested this photo and I'm pretty sure that we delivered!

Spokane truly does have one of the most beautiful fall seasons... the colors and trees are breathtaking! What a great photo!

If you haven't smiled yet today... this photograph is sure to bring a little smile to your face :-) It's fun and giggles and laughing (oh and maybe a little loving too!) *smiles*

Ending with a personal favorite... I'm pretty sure it's the wonderful colors of the leaves that make this photograph just right! I like to call it photo magic when I find the photograph that makes my heart melt! This image is my photo magic from Tyler and Elizabeth's beautiful engagement session!

To Tyler and Elizabeth... Congratulations on your engagement and thank you for being such a wonderful couple to photograph! I am over the top excited to be a part of your 2015 wedding! We are going to have so much fun together creating photo magic on your wedding day! Congratulations and Cheers!!!