Sneak Peek: Senior Kaitlin!

Beautiful High School Senior Kaitlin recently had her photos taken and my goodness did we have some fun! Both in the studio and outdoors... it gave Kaitlin TONS of wonderful images perfect to capture such a wonderful time in her life!

Wow! What a beautiful young lady! Kaitlin's smile in front of the camera is stunning! I can't get enough of her senior pictures... they are too wonderful! Wishing Miss Kaitlin the most wonderful and fun-filled senior year and all the best in her plans after high school! Congratulations to Kaitlin, Class of 2015!!! Cheers!!!

Sneak Peek: Kyle and Cassie Wedding!

Kyle and Cassie had a beautiful wedding and are seriously one of the most wonderful couples. I have enjoyed every minute of working with them from their fabulous winter engagement session to planning meetings, phone calls, and text messages and everything in-between! I hope this is only the start of photographing this beautiful and wonderful couple! Cheers to Kyle and Cassie!

As always a fabulous photo of the happy couple! Don't they look great on their wedding day!?!?

Oh man... I'm literally gushing over this photograph... a handsome groom loving on his beautiful bride!

Cassie had the most wonderful details for her wedding... a dress and heals fit for a princess! I'm loving it!!!

She may have been dressed like a princess on her wedding day... but that didn't stop Cassie from incorporating a little country into her wedding day! What a great idea for gifts... the bed of a truck!

Kyle the handsome Groom... And Cassie the stunning Bride!

The whole bridal party... it may have been a large group but that didn't stop us from having a good time! This group rocked!!!

A little love from Kyle and Cassie on their wedding day!

These guys made photographing them a whole lot of fun! I just love this photograph... all those smiles! One can't help but laugh!

The girls didn't want to be out-done by the guys... I'd say them rocked a fun and smiley photo! 

The bridal beauty and some bling-bling!!!

Just taking a moment to pause and enjoy their wedding day!

How fabulous are Kyle and Cassie's wedding photos?!?!?? These are just a few more I couldn't help but share! WOW! Breathtaking and photo magic at it's best!

Oh my gosh... When I see that look... I know these two are in-love! 

Right after their ceremony... I caught this photograph as they walked hand-in-hand as husband and wife down the wedding aisle! Beautiful and classic... It doesn't get much better!

I know I already shared a smiley photo of the happy couple... but what about a smiley photo at sunset? Yep... I'd say it screams wonderful!

Ending with my personal favorite from the day... a beautiful couple, a gorgeous sunset, and a passionate kiss... I'm a sucker! It's photo magic once again!

To Kyle and Cassie... I have not only enjoyed every moment of working with you but I can honestly say I think I have made two new friends! You both are so wonderful and I can't wait to capture many more moments of you two together!!! (You know... when the next big photo stuff comes along *hint-hint*) It was such an honor to be a part of your wedding and capture moments you will treasure! Wish you both all the best as husband and wife! Congratulations and Cheers!!!

P.S. If you didn't get a chance to see Kyle and Cassie's Distinction Studio engagement session please click the following link

Sneak Peek: Brad and Sharissa Engagement!

Sharissa and Brad are one cute couple! Originally we had planned their engagement photos for a local Spokane park... but then when I offered up doing their engagement session at the fabulous Foxwood House in Newport, WA. they were more than excited. Brad enjoys cars of any kind and Sharissa loved the variety and beauty that Foxwood House offers... together it made for the perfect combination! Their engagement photos have everything from love and passion to some fun and laughing! It's too wonderful! 

Starting off Brad and Sharissa's sneak peek with a cute smiley photo of the happy couple; complete with an old red truck and Saloon!!! 

The gorgeous Bride-To-Be requested a sun shining through photo... I'd say it turned out beautifully!

One hot couple on the hot-rod!

Kisses in the mirror and a sassy look from Miss Sharissa! Cars make for some wonderful photo opportunities!

A little fairy tail photo! Doesn't this just scream princess and prince charming?!?! 

Oh baby! I can't get enough of the passion and love in this photo! It's hot and romantic all at the same time!

One good looking couple!

It was so hard to choose which photos to share from Sharissa and Brad's engagement session... Here are two more I just couldn't keep from sharing!

Oh man... the red truck... an adorable couple... it's kind of like a country music song! :-)

Laying on the grass looks like so much fun!

How is it that waling can look so great?!?! I can hardly stand the look in their eyes... I'm sure it means "I love you!"

Sharissa keeps up on the Distinction Studio blog and knew I was a sucker for the foot-pop... She rocked it for sure!

A picture perfect Save-The-Date kissing photo! I can't wait to be a part Brad and Sharissa's Wedding Day!!! 

The gazebo at Foxwood House makes for the most romantic setting... Complete with the chandelier and twinkle lights! 

Some laughs and fun as we take photos! Don't those faces just make you laugh?!?!

Gorgeous! I love when a couple can laugh together... Brad and Sharissa didn't take photos too seriously and it just makes things so fun!

Another request from Sharissa... and as always, it turned out wonderfully!

I always end with a personal favorite. I'm not sure if I love this photo because I am a sucker for a red truck... or because it's a wonderful photo... either way though... It just makes me smile!

To Brad and Sharissa... Your engagement photos make me smile every time I look at them! What a blast it was creating photo magic together! I am so very excited for your wedding day! It's going to be over the top wonderful! I'd say we make a great team! Here's to 6.27.2015! Cheers!!!

Sneak Peek: Newborn Kade!

I adore babies and especially newborns! I recently had the honor of photographing Kade's newborn photos... this little guy was absolutely wonderful and made the perfect "baby model"... He slept though almost his entire photo session! He is such a cutie I'm not sure it gets much more wonderful than photographing a baby like Kade!!!

Kade Matthew

July 25, 2014


7lbs 7oz

20 1/3 inches 

One great looking family! Mommy and Daddy are very excited to welcome their little man into the family!

I'm almost certain that newborns don't get much more adorable then this!!! Mr. Kade slept through almost his entire first photo session... Although I'm not complaining because then I get cute photos like this!!!

Father and son... too cute!

Mommy's little price!

I enjoy adding in Mom and Dad's wedding rings into a few photos! Since Kade was sleeping he held still for a photo of the rings on his tiny baby feet! 

Awe... who doesn't love a precious baby face?!?! My goodness... it makes my heart melt!

Ending with a personal favorite and just in time for football season! Kade is already a WSU Cougars fan!!! I'm not complaining because so am I :-) Go Cougs!!!


I absolutely can't wait to photograph this little stud as he grows! I'm thinking you will see many more photographs of Kade!!! To Mom and Dad... Congratulations on your new addition to your family! I wish you all the best and hope to see you back to the studio... maybe for Kade's 6 months?!?!? Enjoy every minute of your handsome boy because it will go quickly! Go Cougs! Cheers!!!

Sneak Peek: James and Janelle Wedding!

James and Janelle are one country loving, cute couple! I had the honor of being a part of their wonderful and beautiful wedding! James and Janelle got married at The Willows at Rider Ranch in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho! This beautiful venue has everything from an upscale barn to fabulous country fields all set in a quiet and secluded valley between stunning mountains! It could not have been more beautiful! Photographing James and Janelle's wedding was truly a good time... their bridal party was all about having fun and enjoying the day which always makes for great photos! Not only was the bridal party a blast to work with but Janelle had details upon details to decorate for the special day! It was a perfect country wedding! Enjoy!

Often times I start off posts with a smiley photo of the happy couple! I figured this post should be no exception because what killer smiles these two have!

Here is goes... showing off Janelle's wedding day details! Starting it off with some sparkle and shine! Her hairpiece and earrings are fit for a country princess!

The Bridal Bouquet! So stunning!

It's all about the dress and shoes! This horseback riding bride was sure to incorporate white boots into the mix!

Boots and flowers! This photo was Janelle's request!

Bridal necklace with plenty of bling!

Like I said before... Janelle was not short on the details... here are just a few more!

These ladies had some fun getting ready! I love photos like these... they are one of my favorites! Smiles and laughing all around!

The ladies dresses ready and waiting!

A picture perfect ceremony set-up! Now all we need is the Bride and Groom and all their guests!!!

Details, details, details... I LOVE it!

The whole bridal party... one great looking group! I loved photographing them... it was such a blast!

The handsome Groom ready to say "I Do."

Having a little fun out in the fields! What a wonderful backdrop!

The beautiful Bride... Ready to meet her Groom!

The banner for the head table at the reception says it all! 

More fabulous details!

It's always ok for the Bride and Groom to give each other kisses... even if the rest of the Bridal Party thinks otherwise!

Fun photos of the Bride and Groom!

I love hand holding photos!

James and Janelle are so much fun... I think these two photographs show just a little glimpse of how much they enjoy being together! (Don't you love the pose Janelle is giving us in the second photo... What a cutie!)

Country kisses in front of one of the barns! 

So the ladies decided to blow some kisses towards the Bride... and then...

The guys decided to copy them and blow some kisses towards the Groom! I had to laugh about these two photographs... who pulls off the kiss blowing better?!?! (The guys kinda rocked it I must say!)

Married and loving every minute of their special day! I can't help but smile over the second photograph! That just screams "I'm so excited to be married to you!!!"

Hay bales, a fabulous Bridal Party, and the most wonderful backdrop... it doesn't get any better than this!

Oh my gosh... the look on their faces makes my heart melt!!! So perfect!

One of my favorites... I love how this photograph shows off Janelle's country bridal boots!!!

As usual... ending the post with one of my personal favorites from the day! I love the romantic moment between the happy couple!

To James and Janelle... Many congrats!!! It was a true honor to be a part of your wedding day! With everything from wonderful details to the most fun and easy-going bridal party... your wedding day was a blast! I'm so blessed to have been a part of creating photographs you will cherish for years and years to come! I hope this will not be the last time I get to photograph you two... please contact me for all your future photography needs! Wishing you all the best as husband and wife! Congratulations! Cheers!!!