Sneak Peek: Couple Joe and Brooke!

All married couples need a great photo session together! Joe and Brooke had just that; and we had a blast! Both Joe and Brooke, are originally from Western Washington but are now living here is Spokane! I had the pleasure of photographing them in their new town... Spokane!

A smiley photograph of the wonderful couple!

A little love and smiles... It's so great to photograph a couple who isn't afraid to have some fun during their photo session!

I just love a romantic black and white photo! 

Every downtown Spokane photo session should include some sort of a brick wall :-) Here are two different ones... I can't get enough of Brooke and Joe... they are so cute together!

Married and loving it! 

I said Joe and Brooke liked to have fun during their photo session... they climbed onto a windowsill to get the first fabulous kissing photo! (Pretty impressive if you ask me!)

A little lift with two giant smiles! What a great couple!

Taking a walk together, hand in hand... they make it look so great! Another smiley photograph of Brooke and Joe on the streets of downtown Spokane!

Kisses by the waterfalls!

Ending this post with a personal favorite... black and white gives it a classic feel and with the two iconic features of downtown Spokane... the clock tower and the pavilion... this image is photo magic!

To Joe and Brooke... What a blast I had walking around downtown Spokane together and creating beautiful photographs! I hope this will not be the last time I get to photograph you two! Now that you are in Spokane... You've got not only a photographer but also a friend! Welcome to the Distinction Studio Family! Cheers!!!

Sneak Peek: Jerimy and Nicole Wedding

Jerimy and Nicole make for one great couple, which is why showcasing the Bride and Groom photos for their sneak peek is going to be so fun! I just can't get enough of the love and romance!

An ever so cute smiley photograph of the happy couple! 

Nicole is a stunning Bride; Jerimy is a handsome Groom!

I can't get enough of how Jerimy is carrying his Bride's dress as they walk together! Precious!

A little peek-a-boo photograph... Caught them sneaking a moment together!

The rings!

Holding each other close as the sun shines down on them! It may have been fall in Spokane... but that didn't mean the sun was in hiding!

Side by side and holding hands together!

Oh man... the sun and a kiss... it's about as wonderful as it gets! 

A little sassy and sexy! Showing off the wedding garter! Oooo-la-la!

Can this couple give me a dip? Based on this photograph that seems like a silly question because... WOW... What a dip!

My personal favorite from the day... A romantic moment on the bench together! It kinda reminds me of a storybook ending (and I'm a sucker for fairy tails and storybooks!)... It's photography magic and it's beautiful! 

To Jerimy and Nicole... What an honor it was to be a part of your wedding day! You both are such an ease to work with and make being a photographer such a joy! I hope this will not be the last time I get to photograph you two! I wish you all the best as husband and wife! Congratulations! Cheers!!!

Sneak Peek: Pat and Michelle Engagement!

Pat and Michelle are one great couple and I am blessed to be a part of their engagement and their 2015 wedding! It's so much fun to create photo magic with a couple that clearly enjoys life! Michelle wanted a fall engagement session and managed to incorporate her artistic side into the photos... She made their save-the-date sign, a wooden sign complete with Bible reference, and also wrote on a hockey puck! WOW! I'd say we've got lots to share, so without saying too much more... Here are Pat and Michelle! Welcome to the Distinction Studio Family! Cheers!

Beautiful smiles in the fall leaves!

A loving embrace for the happy couple... Can you please take a moment and notice Michelle's smile in this photo... I think she is happy to be engaged! Then a great black and white kissing photo... I can never get enough photos like this one, classic and beautiful!

"He Shoots, He Scores" ... Oh my gosh... this is just too clever!

Just taking a little romantic moment together!

Because who doesn't love throwing leaves in the air and kissing beneath them as they fall?!?!?! Then of course a little more hockey fun!

Holding hands and showing off the bling!

Photo sessions with Distinction Studio are tons of fun... especially when we get to laugh and throw leaves around! 

"We love because He first loved us." -1 John 4:19 ... I love the sign Michelle made :-) this girl has thought of everything!

A little kiss on the hand... so sweet!

Another smiley photo of the happy couple! Oh and I guess now you all know what I will be doing on August 8, 2015! I'll be photographing Pat and Michelle's Wedding Day; And I can't wait!!!

Oh my goodness... I'm loving this "peek-a-boo" photo of Pat giving Michelle a smooch!

If you check out the Distinction Studio Instagram you have already seen this photograph in color... but now you get to enjoy it in black and white! Either way... its romantic and loving! One of my favorites!

As always, I save the last photo of a sneak peek post to share my personal favorite! I can't get enough of Michelle and Pat! Leaves all over, and lots of smiles and love... It's photo magic!

To Pat and Michelle... Congratulations on your engagement! I am so honored to be a part of this special time in your lives! What a great couple; I can't wait to create photography magic all over again on your wedding day next summer! Cheers!!!

Sneak Peek: Ryan and Amanda Engagement!

Welcome Ryan and Amanda to the Distinction Studio Family! Ryan and Amanda wanted a fall themed engagement session and I know we captured just that! These photos are just stunning... Sometimes when I finish a photo session in my head I end up wishing it was my husband and I in the photos... this was one of those sessions... I just love the beautiful fall colors, the leaves, and the smiles and love between a fabulous couple! Here's to Ryan and Amanda! Cheers!!!

Those of you who read the Distinction Studio Blog regularly know I often start with a smiley photo of the happy couple... It doesn't get a whole lot more smiley than this!

The most fabulous Save-The-Date that even includes their pup Leo! What a great looking family! Toss the leaves in the air and give each other a kiss! Ryan and Amanda pretty much rocked the multi-tasking of throwing leaves and kissing... precious!!!

Sometimes a big kiss on the cheek is exactly what you need... Ryan doesn't seem to be complaining at all :-) 

Showing off the bling! I'd say Ryan did a great job choosing the perfect ring!

One of my favorites is this black and white with Amanda and Ryan kissing on the bench... doesn't it look like it should be in a magazine or something... maybe a fairy tail... Beautiful! Oh and then of course I'm going to toss in another smiley photo because this couple is just too cute!

I'm almost certain that this photo is going to be framed someplace... everyone is looking fabulous and even pup Leo seems to have a little smile! :-)

You all know how much of a sucker I am for bridges... Another bridge and a little more photo magic!

Who says your eyes have to be open to have a great photograph? I love the peaceful moment captured in this photograph! Pumpkins that include their Save-The-Date... Heck yes!!! So wonderful... now I guess you all know what I will be doing August 7, 2015 :-) You've got it... I'll be making photo magic once again with Ryan and Amanda on their wedding day!!!

The way Amanda looks at Ryan makes my heart melt!

Ending with a personal favorite... a passionate moment captured through the red leaves! I'm loving this "peek-a-boo" photo! (Please note that "peek-a-boo" photo is not a technical term... but it is the term I use... I think it's cute and clever!)

To Ryan and Amanda... First of all, I'm gushing over your engagement photographs! You both make for an adorable couple! I am so excited to be a part of your wedding next year and create photo magic all over again! Wishing you both all the best during your engagement! Cheers!!!

Sneak Peek: James and Joanne Maternity Session!

This isn't James and Joanne's first photo session with Distinction Studio! In fact... exactly one year ago from the date we took these photographs, I was photographing their beautiful wedding! Check out their sneak peek from their wedding at this link! James and Joanne loved working with Distinction Studio so much I got to spend the day photographing them on their first anniversary! (WOW! What an honor!!!) This 1st Anniversary session was very special because the happy couple is also expecting their first little bundle of joy! Their baby son is due at the end of October... So, we had a 1st Anniversary/Maternity Session! Here is just a little sneak peek from the fabulous session we had! Photos were all taken at Arbor Crest Wine Cellars (the same place they tied-the-knot 1 year ago!)... Enjoy!!!

One cute family that will have a new addition by the end of the month!!! Happy Anniversary to James and Joanne and congratulations on your new addition!!!

I'm loving this black and white maternity photo of Joanne... what a beautiful mommy-to-be!

The framing of Joanne with the leaves was too perfect not to share! Then... as many of you know... I never complain when kisses are involved... so cute!

This little boy is going to be well loved! I'm so excited for James and Joanne... I can't wait to meet the little guy!

What is it about baby shoes that is just so adorable?!?! A little love from Daddy!!!

Joanne and James had a very similar wedding photograph so we mimicked it... this time with a baby bump!!!

I think this photograph needs to have a caption saying "Mommy WINS!!!"

Seriously... how wonderful are these photos?!?! I'm gushing over the love, passion, smiles and happy couple!!!

Just a little detail photo with the belly and baby shoes!

One of my personal favorites... a mommy and daddy who are so excited to welcome their son into the world!

To James and Joanne... I love photographing you two and I can't wait to meet your little man!!! Wishing you all the best in the days before your delivery! I'm looking forward to the little guys newborn photographs when I will get to create photo magic once again!!! Happy 1st Anniversary! Cheers!!!


James and Joanne's Wedding Sneak Peek!

James and Joanne's Pre-Sneak Peek for their Wedding!