Sneak Peek: Josh and Courtney Engagement!

Congratulations to Josh and Courtney who are engaged! This couple is a great addition to the Distinction Studio Family and I am so thrilled to have been a part of their engagement; Now I am so excited to be a part of their 2016 wedding also!!! Josh and Courtney are a wonderful, country-loving couple who loves camo and all things "outdoorsy"... Now to share their awesome country, outdoor, rustic engagement session! Enjoy!

As always, starting off the post with a smiley photograph of the happy couple! So cute!

Let's kick off the photos with some kissing and loving ones! I can't get enough of how wonderful Josh and Courtney are together!

This photograph has got to be one of my favorites of Josh and Courtney... A rustic fence line and a fabulous couple showing each other some love! Dang... It's getting a little romantic!!! This photograph screams country love to me! PHOTO MAGIC!!!

Seriously... That smile on Courtney's face is just a glimpse of how excited she is to get married to Josh! I adore the genuine look and feel in this photo! My goodness these two are perfect for each other!

Hand in hand... walking together and enjoying the outdoors!


It's not a complete engagement session without showing off the bling!

I mean how does one even choose with all these wonderful photographs?!?!?!

Please note in the second photo we've got kissing duck decoys and a kissing couple! So fun!

Gotta include some photographs with the ducks :-) When you are all out country it means using decoys in a few photos! I'd say they rocked it! 


Josh and Courtney make country look so great! As I was all their taking the photographs I had to keep telling Josh that I know taking photos isn't the most fun thing for a guy... I think he thought I was nuts because he was taking photos like a champ! Kudos to Josh!


I ADORE this photograph... That moment right before you kiss the love of your life and you have the biggest smile because you know they are just perfect for you! Photo magic!

To Josh and Courtney... Congratulations on your engagement! I am so honored to have been a part of this exciting time in your life and now I am so very excited for your wedding next year! You both were so easy and wonderful to photograph, I sure hope you enjoy your photos (I know I do haha)! Welcome to the Distinction Studio Family! Cheers!!!

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Sneak Peek: Ben and Mikayla Engagement!

I am so excited to share a sneak peek of Ben and Mikayla's Engagement Session! This WONDERFUL couple even brought along their pup, Chewy, to join in a few of their photos! So I knew Ben and Mikayla would be fun to photograph but I didn't expect to make some new friends in the process! Getting to capture their love was truly a blast and I can't get enough of this great couple, it makes me VERY excited for their 2016 wedding! 

Starting off the post with an adorable photograph of Mikayla, Ben and Chewy... I mean seriously; does it get any more fabulous! Even Chewy knows how to rock photos!

Some kisses and love in the beautiful fall weather! 

Addicted to this photograph with Mikayla's engagement ring!

Ben and Mikayla have thought of everything for their engagement photos... The chalk-board Mr. and Mrs. sign just adds to the list of great props they brought with them for their photos! However in this second photo... the leaves they didn't bring with, and those were my idea! I never get tired of throwing leaves in the air for fall photo sessions! 

This photograph just cracks me up... it's completely adorable and perfect but every time I look at it I have to laugh because trying to get Ben to make a serious face was a task in itself. He was too funny; he could not hold a straight face for more then a few seconds... Guess he is just too happy to be getting married! :-)

Another one of my favorites... Chewy helping to show off the bling!



I'm pretty sure I could hang out with this couple all day and take photos! They even make walking look cute! 


Pumpkins and signs oh my! 


Turning up the heat! It's getting a bit romantic and loving!

Ending the post with my personal favorite... DANG Ben and Mikayla... you both sure know how to rock engagement photographs! I'd say we created some photo magic for sure!

Ben and Mikayla... Congratulations on your engagement! I had such a great time creating wonderful and beautiful photographs of you both (and Chewy too). I am so excited for your 2016 wedding when we get to make photo magic together all over again! You two are so adorable and it is awesome to have you as part of the Distinction Studio Family! Cheers!!!

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Sneak Peek: Levi and Brittany Wedding!

Levi and Brittany tied-the-knot at Cannons Edge in Colbert, WA. It was a beautiful October day and every detail was planned out perfectly! This couple is so much fun to work with and photograph... I couldn't ask for a more relaxed, fun, and totally awesome couple! I have gotten to know Levi and Brittany and something that makes this couple truly wonderful is how they love to have fun together... you will see from their wedding photos... we couldn't help but take some funny pictures right along with the romantic and loving ones! Congratulations to Levi and Brittany! Enjoy your wedding photo sneak peek! (Oh and if you didn't get a chance to see their Distinction Studio Engagement Session CLICK THIS LINK!)

Starting off with a smiley photo of the newly-weds! Cheers!!!

Getting ready and a few detail photos!


Time for the first look, seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day is one of my favorite moments!

It was so much fun capturing the bridal party photographs and the photos of Levi and Brittany together... there are so many I only wish I could share them all... but here are a few of my favorites!

The beautiful Bride and handsome Groom!


Now it's time to really have some fun! This bridal party was sure a blast to photograph... never a dull moment!



When it's your wedding day... of course you need a few "spicy" photos! I'll be honest... these are too cute not to share and I'd say Levi and Brittany are just great together!

This photo is one of my favorites... The story that goes with it is just too sweet not to share... So here it goes... Levi planned their entire honeymoon and Brittany had no idea about ANY of the planning... she didn't know where they were going or anything!!! This photo was taken moments before Levi told Brittany where they were going for their honeymoon (which they left for the day after their wedding!!!)... SO ADORABLE! Brittany was sure trusting to let Levi plan the entire thing! Kudos girl... and Kudos to Levi for planning the whole thing! (I love the look on Brittany's face because she finally gets to find out about the honeymoon!)

Time for the Wedding Ceremony to start! 

Dang... what a view for the ceremony! Beautiful!

Details and cake! So great! Wow... after typing that out I realized it kinda rhymes... pretty clever, or pretty embarrassing... you decide ;-)

Just a few sunset photographs in the field! Can't get enough of Levi and Brittany!


Levi built this pergola for their wedding and it will go in their yard for years to come! Dang Levi... I might have to recruit you to come build me some cool stuff sometime. (I mean I'm always in the market for great photo props!) Anyway, this pergola turned out beautiful so we had to snap a few photos at night with the lights!

Ending this post with a personal favorite from the day... I just love the romantic kiss in the wheat field! It doesn't get any better than this! Photo magic!

To Levi and Brittany... You worked hard to plan the perfect day and my goodness was it ever wonderful! Congratulations... you are married!!! I have loved being a part of your engagement and wedding... I only hope to have many, many more fantastic photo sessions together! I wish you both all the best as husband and wife! Congratulations! Cheers!!!

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Sneak Peek: Chris and Ashley Engagement!

Chris and Ashley are getting married!!! So naturally, we had to celebrate with a wonderful engagement session! This engagement session was extra special because we got to include Chris's daughter in some photos (because I mean who doesn't love including kiddos in some pictures!?!?!). Chris and Ashley are planning their 2016 wedding and I am very excited to be a part of both their engagement and wedding! Without rambling on too much... here is a little sneak peek of a few of their engagement photos! Enjoy!

Starting off the blog post with some smiley photos! Looking fabulous!

If you "Like" the Distinction Studio Facebook Page you may have already seen this photo... but it's too great not to share again! :-)

Loving hanging out and playing together!

And... this is why I LOVE fall photo sessions... leaves make for the perfect addition to any photograph! Especially when they are falling all over a couple that is so in-love! ROMANTIC!!!

Ok... so first of all, I am LOVING the gold-glitter save-the-date numbers Ashley found! So great! Second... we did take a smile at the camera photo with their save-the-date numbers... but... I just thought this was so much more fun! I'd say they are excited to be getting married!

This just makes me laugh! It's like the perfect engagement photo when a kiddo gets to join in!

Playing in the leaves! So cute!

Ending the post with a personal favorite! I'm so excited for Chris and Ashley! These two make a wonderful pair!

To Chris and Ashley... Congratulations on your engagement! It was so much fun to hang out and photograph you two! I'm looking forward to 7.30.16 when we get to create more beautiful photographs together on your special day! Congratulations again and welcome to the Distinction Studio Family! Cheers!!!

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Sneak Peek: Bridger and Ashley Engagement!

One of the most smiley, fun and wonderful couples... Bridger and Ashley (oh and together they are called Bridgley... See photos below for what I'm talking about! It's adorable!). This engagement session is sure to make you smile because oh my goodness do these two take great photographs together! I love the personality in their photos and I am so excited to share Bridger and Ashley's fabulous fall engagement session! Enjoy!

Starting off the post with a smiley photograph of the happy couple!

These two rocked this photograph! I love how the trees are framing them and with the river in the background... I mean who does't love a photo like this! Oh and please note Ashley's little foot-pop... SO perfect!

Showing off the bling! Bridger loving on his fiancé! Engagement sessions are the best!

So as we were talking photos, Ashley told me all their friends refer to them as "Bridgley"... So how perfect is it that they have a banner saying their nick-name! This is seriously one of the most adorable things ever! I might have to start referring to them as Bridgley also!

I said this engagement session was full of smiles and personality... enjoy the photos below to see what I am talking about!

I love homemade signs... Ashley's mom made them this Forever sign and it was picture perfect! Maybe I will get to see this again as wedding decor!?!?


Are you enjoying these wonderful fall engagement photos? I know I sure do! Here are some more to brighten up your day!


Fall engagement sessions are perfect... and pumpkins make great save-the-date accessories! One more photo with the fabulous Forever sign... thumbs up to being engaged and getting married!!

Ending the post with two of my personal favorites... I love this photo below because dang... I am feeling the love; so romantic! Then in the next photo... I just love when couples aren't afraid to show off some personality and this photo sure gives us a glimpse at how much fun Bridger and Ashley are! Photo magic!

To Bridger and Ashley... AKA Bridgley... All I have to say is that doing your engagement session made me SUPER excited for your 2016 wedding! I mean honestly, how come I have to wait almost a full year!?!?! Just kidding... it will be great! Anyway, I loved being a part of your engagement and getting to know you both! Welcome to the Distinction Studio Family! Congratulations on your engagement! Cheers!

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