Sneak Peek: Tyler and Elizabeth Wedding!

Being a part of Elizabeth and Tyler's Engagement and Wedding has been a blast! If you didn't get a chance to see their wonderful engagement session click this link! When Tyler and Elizabeth's Wedding Day came I was so excited! This awesome couple tied-the-knot at A Touch Of Country; which is located in Rockford, WA (South of Spokane Valley). The happy couple has been working hard to plan the perfect wedding day and had everything planned out beautifully! Without talking too much let's get to the fun part... the photographs from their wedding day! Enjoy!

Just starting off with a smily photograph of the happy couple!

The dress and the shoes!

Putting on the dress for the big day; Elizabeth looked stunning! Not to be forgotten... the garter being put on by her sister! What a beautiful moment!

The bling!

With hair and make-up by Karli Hitchens (who I would HIGHLY recommend) Elizabeth made a beautiful bride.

Oh but guess what... it's not all about the Bride... we've got to include a few of the handsome groom too! Tyler looked sharp and I couldn't get over the bowtie!

Tyler and Elizabeth's first look!

Ummm... How adorable is this?!?! I love Elizabeth's face and giving the camera a thumbs up... it's too cute! I'd say she is ready for Tyler to see her!

The bridal party! They look fabulous!

So before we kick into the ceremony photographs... I want to share just a few more photographs of Elizabeth and Tyler and the bridal party! This photograph of Tyler giving Elizabeth a kiss is so sweet and romantic! I love the rolling hills in the background! (I apologize to those of you who have already seen this photograph because as I was writing this blog post I decided it NEEDED to be shared on Facebook! So for those who follow the Distinction Studio Facebook Page... you have probably already seen it... but I'd like to add that it is still just as sweet and wonderful as when you saw it on Facebook! *smiles*).

When it's hot outside and super bright but the bridal party you are working with is AWESOME... You get fun photographs in wheat fields! Tyler and Elizabeth have one good looking bunch by their side, on their wedding day!

It's so tough choosing which photographs to share when it comes to the photographs of the happy couple! This photograph of Elizabeth holding Tyler's arm was a bit of a recreation from their engagement session! Then in the next photo... I mean who can go wrong with a peek-a-boo photo... a happy couple walking through the field!


Time for the wedding ceremony to start!

Time to share some more wonderful photographs of Elizabeth and Tyler and the bridal party! Tyler and Elizabeth sneaking a kiss in the field! 

When your wedding is held at a wedding venue called A Touch of Country it is a necessity to get a photograph with a tractor! It's a bonus when the entire bridal party is in the tractor photo! 

Another photo you may have already seen if you "like" Distinction Studio on Facebook! Then I have to laugh at the next photograph... it's the best Koi fish photo-bomb ever *winks and smiles* ... I love this photograph of Tyler and Elizabeth (and the Koi fish)... it's almost like they are in a secret garden or something!

Hand in hand together... these two make a great team!

Sometimes you've just gotta dance! Tyler giving Elizabeth a little twirl!

I'm pretty sure at this point, when I was taking this photo, I was getting all excited! It's a dipping kiss and a sunset and it's all around photo magic! I had such a great time capturing Tyler and Elizabeth's big day!

To Tyler and Elizabeth... Congratulations! It's a honor and a blessing to have been a part of your engagement and wedding! I am so excited to see what the future holds for you two! I can not only say I have the best clients to work with but I make great friends also! To you both... thank you! I hope I will be able to capture many more moments of you two together! (I think as Elizabeth's sister said during the toasts... babies *smiles and winks* ... I photograph babies too!) But in all honesty... Congratulations you are married now! Cheers!!!

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Sneak Peek: Jordan and Amanda Wedding!

I'm so excited to share Jordan and Amanda's Wedding Sneak Peek! I often say I'll do almost anything for a great photo... But it's always a bonus when the couple I'm working with feels the same way!!! Jordan and Amanda are awesome and game for almost anything; I say this because we did their engagement photos in the freezing cold and snow back in January (Oh AND they trusted me to still do an awesome job with engagement photographs even though I was 39 weeks pregnant!!!)... To see photographs from their fabulous and freezing engagement session click this link! So I told you how they were so fabulous for engagement photos... but it didn't stop there... Jordan and Amanda were the exact same for their wedding! We had so much fun getting tons of wonderful photographs! They got married at Belle Gardens in Deer Park, WA. Every detail of their wedding was beautiful and I'm so excited to share the many wonderful photos captured from their special day! Enjoy!

I can't get enough of this ever so happy bridal party! Those are some great smiles and everyone is so excited! Grab your cup of coffee... I might have a lot to say about these photos! *wink-wink*

OH...MY... GOSH... Amanda's dress! It's stunning on the hanger but my goodness she put it on and BOOM! This girl ROCKED it... She looked stunning! Amanda kept saying how it was such a bummer she was only getting to wear her dress once and I have to agree! Hmmmm... Well Amanda... if you ever get adventurous enough for a trash the dress session let me know because I'm pretty sure we could make magic together! (Just a thought; then you could wear it again!)

Just a little detail of Amanda's bridal bouquet! Can I just say that tulips make for a beautiful bouquet!

A reflection in the mirror showing off the dress!

With hair by Paige Predisik and make-up by Kara Oliver McCollum, Amanda was ready for her big day!

This photograph of Amanda with a big grin and her little yellow heels peeking out from under her dress... I'm not really sure why but it just makes me smile! :-)

Amanda said that she had been all over looking for the perfect dress and the last place she was going, before heading over to the Seattle area to find the perfect dress, was Celestial Selections! Thank goodness Celestial Selections had just the right dress!

Well, we've said a lot about Amanda... let's not forget Jordan! With the men's attire from Men's Warehouse these guys were looking so dapper! 

Little Aiden getting all ready (of course with a little help from Dad!)... This kiddo made an adorable ring bearer! (Please take note... he had an ear-piece and everything... very official!)

Just moments after their first look I caught the happy couple being ever so cute; not that Jordan and Amanda have ANY trouble being cute!

Time for the ceremony to start!

Before diving into the wedding reception... I want to share a few photographs in-between... so take a sip of coffee and get ready!

It's time to kick off the reception! With a grad entrance of rose petals being tossed over them Jordan and Amanda are married... now it's time to have some fun!

LOVING the square and circle tiers on the wedding cake by Marsells Cakes! Time to cut the cake and enjoy some of this delicious dessert! (this is when you can take a sip of coffee or something because obviously you can't enjoy the cake like they did *winks*)

So I don't typically do a whole section of photographs from the first dance... but Jordan and Amanda had some EXTRA sweet and loving photographs from their first dance as husband and wife... so here is a handful of photos!

Seriously... I'm just gushing over these first dance photos... sweet, romantic, loving! (I've got the best job in the world; getting to be a part of capturing these moments and working with such great people!)

With getting ready, the ceremony, and some reception photographs shared... it's time to show off this wonderful couple and toss in a few with the bridal party too! These are some of my favorite photographs... it was super hard to narrow down and pick which images to share but I think I managed to get it down to a decent number without being too many... At least I hope!


Sassy, fun, tough... one expressive bridal party all hanging out around the old truck!

Such a wonderful pika-boo photograph of Amanda and Jordan sharing a kiss! Reminds me of a fairy tale!

That moment as a bride when you've got to adjust your man's bowtie! So cute!

Setting sail... or at least time for a moment together at sunset! Love the sun shinning through the trees!

I adore this photograph of Jordan and Amanda... A lot of love and a hint of sexy! (I made Jordan grab Amanda's leg under her dress... I think he was confused at first but he quickly got the idea!)

So if you follow the Distinction Studio Facebook Page you have seen this image already... but it's totally worth sharing again! Amanda wished for a light trail sparkler photograph on her wedding day and I'd say we nailed it! So wonderful! 

To Jordan and Amanda... A BIG congratulations... You are married now!!! It was such a blessing to be a part of your engagement and wedding! I have loved getting to know you both and hope we will be able to stay in touch! I'm thrilled to have such a great couple as part of the Distinction Studio Family and I hope this won't be the last time I get to photograph you and your family! Your "I'm up for anything" and fun-loving personalities are ones to write home about! To a beautiful couple... I wish you all the best as your start your lives together as husband and wife! Congratulations! Cheers!!!

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Sneak Peek: Brad and Sharissa Wedding!

Brad and Sharissa got married at Foxwood House, one of my absolute favorite wedding venues around! The photo possibilities are endless; and Jeanine and her husband Roger who run Foxwood House are a pleasure to work with! I feel it is only fitting to share TONS of photos of the happy couple and I'm not going to give my commentary on every photo because well that would be a TON of commentary from me and honestly the photographs are so much better than what I have to say (haha!)... So here it goes... Brad and Sharissa's Wedding Sneak Peek! Oh and if you didn't get a chance to see Brad and Sharissa's Engagement be sure to check it out on the following link! Ok... Here is their wedding sneak peek... Enjoy!!!

A smiley photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Brad Varker!

Getting ready for the big day! Being a wedding photographer means I get to share the entire wedding day with the couple starting with the getting ready all the way through their reception! Getting ready photographs are so much fun... I love seeing the joy a beautiful bride has knowing all her hard work and planning is coming together; and the anticipation of a groom waiting to see his bride... it's one of the most special parts of my job!

It's all in the details... Sharissa and Brad didn't miss a thing! Beautiful rings, the perfect dress and tons of fun accessories!

I love the first look! Sharissa and Brad had a super cute first look! Smiles, a few tears of joy, and of course lots of love!

A fun and enjoyable time with the Bridal Party!

Before we get to the ceremony photographs, I want to share a few photographs of just Brad and Sharissa because my goodness... these two have so many wonderful photos!

Oh haha... the second photo below... a little booty grab! They make it look so stinkin' cute!

I am addicted to the yellow Mr. and Mrs. Varker Converse! Now those are some fun wedding shoes! (Sharissa... I'm thinking this might be a new Facebook cover photo?!?!?)

Now it's time to share the wedding ceremony photographs! It may have been over 100 degrees the day of their wedding but that doesn't matter when love is in the air (along with the heat!).

I can't get enough of this photo! Look how excited they are to be married!

Here are some more fabulous photos of Brad and Sharissa and their wedding party! The photo magic just keeps on coming!


Oh my goodness... Mushy and loving and photo magic! I almost always end a blog post with my favorite photo from the day... this last photograph is just too great! Brad loves cars and automobiles... so incorporating this awesome old truck is just wonderful! With the newly weds sharing a kiss it doesn't get any better!

To Brad and Sharissa... From your engagement to your wedding day; I have enjoyed every moment of capturing wonderful memories for a fabulous couple! It means the world to me, and it was such an honor, to be a part of this special time in your lives! I hope that we will be able to capture many more great moments together! Congratulations... you are married now!!! I'm so excited for you two and it is such a blessing to know you both! Cheers!!!

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Sneak Peek: Ghering Family!

Family pictures are always a blast... but this family session was especially wonderful! With it being in the upper 90s and even into the hundreds... we decided to make for a photo session that included cooling off! We started off with a little more traditional family photos but then we got to have some fun by playing in the water! Here is a little sneak peek of the Ghering Family! Cheers!


Talk about an awesome family photo! Smiles all around... I even think River (the dog) has a hint of a smile :-)

Adorable! These little girls are so sweet!

The Ghering Family makes my heart melt... they are so much fun!

Loving all the laughs and smiles!

Mommy with her girls! Then of course it's important to remember a photo of just Mom and Dad! 


Kisses for Daddy!


So this first photograph I snuck in when the girls were goofing off and it ended up turning out pretty comical! I love it! So we did the silly photo but then had to grab a cute loving photo of the whole family! I'd say both are picture perfect!

Can you say... CUTE!?!?


Can you say... Adorable!?!?

One great looking family!!! We got the more traditional photos in the heat...

Now it's time to cool off!

Splashing and playing in the water... in their clothes! It's so much fun!

Loves from Daddy and Mommy!

Here it is again... another beautiful smile!


I told the girls to get their Mom wet and this is what I got... they gave her a big wet hug! Seriously, it doesn't get any better!


Tickles and fun with Dad!

Playing in the water has never looked so good! This family is all about having a good time!

I'd say these little girls love their Dad! Who can blame them though when it's so much fun to play with and get tickles from dad!?!?

More laughing and playing with Dad!

Time to get Mom! "Here I come!"

Family fun!

That face! I'm pretty she is having a good time doing family photos!

Soaking wet and never a dull moment... Bright eyed and ready for more!

Hey look... even Mom and Dad look cute all wet :-) 

To the Ghering Family... Oh my goodness... it was SO much fun to photograph you all and make memories together! I think this has to be one of the most wet and fun photo sessions yet! I hope this isn't the last time we get to capture beautiful photographs together! Cheers!!!

Sneak Peek: Kseinya and Marvin Wedding!

What a wonderful couple! Kseinya and Marvin are one of the most generous, caring, and loving couples! I have enjoyed every minute of working with them; and I have to say, being a part of their wedding day was such a blessing! I was able to meet their families (which, by the way, are so friendly and kind!) and I was able to celebrate in the joy of such a beautiful new marriage! I have been literally gushing over their wedding photographs for a while now and I am so excited to share their full sneak peek! Enjoy! 

A smiley photograph of the happy couple! (You all know I like to start of blog posts with a smiley photo... but now let's get to the good stuff!)

I couldn't wait till you paged down further... I had to share this photograph right away... So beautiful! Kseinya and Marvin are like a prince and princess in a beautiful fairy tail! This photo is one of the many reasons I LOVE my job!!!

Ok... backing up a little bit to before the Bride and Groom see each other... I have to share Kseinya and Marvin's first look! If I used hashtags... I would say this is #pictureperfect and #toocute! Kseinya covering Marvin's eyes before he sees his Bride on their wedding day! LOVE it!

I'd say that is the face of a Groom who is in awe of his Bride! Doesn't get any better than this!

A few more moments from Kseinya and Marvin's first look!

The ladies!

The men!

The entire bridal party... looking as wonderful as ever! What a great group!

I said Kseinya was like a princess... well if you are a princess I think it means you have to twirl in your wedding gown!

A beautiful bride and a handsome groom! 

Seriously... how did I get so lucky to be a part of their wedding... these photographs are just too wonderful!

Quiet moments together!

I was told that Marvin wanted Kseinya to wear a veil on their wedding day and Kseinya said she didn't want to... On the wedding day Kseinya surprised Marvin by wearing a beautiful wedding veil. I figured with such a cute story it deserved to be in a few photographs!

Loving every minute of their special day! Smiles, laughs, holding hands and...

Of course some kisses!!! What a perfect dipping kiss! My weakness as a wedding photographer is the dipping kiss... It's one of my favorites!!! (But hey... who can blame me... look at the beautiful photo!)

So if you "like" Distinction Studio on Facebook you have probably already seen this photograph... but it is one of my favorites... those smiles are contagious!

Hands down my favorite photograph of the day! A little pika-boo through the greenery and a soft kiss on the forehead! Loving everything about this photo... I'd say it's photo magic for Kseinya and Marvin!


To Kseinya and Marvin... Congratulations! It was such an honor to be a part of capturing the memories of your wedding day! I have enjoyed every minute of getting to know you two! I hope that I will be your photographer for life and be able to capture many more memories of you both as husband and wife! Congratulations you are married now!!! Cheers!!!


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