Sneak Peek: Ghering Family!

Family pictures are always a blast... but this family session was especially wonderful! With it being in the upper 90s and even into the hundreds... we decided to make for a photo session that included cooling off! We started off with a little more traditional family photos but then we got to have some fun by playing in the water! Here is a little sneak peek of the Ghering Family! Cheers!


Talk about an awesome family photo! Smiles all around... I even think River (the dog) has a hint of a smile :-)

Adorable! These little girls are so sweet!

The Ghering Family makes my heart melt... they are so much fun!

Loving all the laughs and smiles!

Mommy with her girls! Then of course it's important to remember a photo of just Mom and Dad! 


Kisses for Daddy!


So this first photograph I snuck in when the girls were goofing off and it ended up turning out pretty comical! I love it! So we did the silly photo but then had to grab a cute loving photo of the whole family! I'd say both are picture perfect!

Can you say... CUTE!?!?


Can you say... Adorable!?!?

One great looking family!!! We got the more traditional photos in the heat...

Now it's time to cool off!

Splashing and playing in the water... in their clothes! It's so much fun!

Loves from Daddy and Mommy!

Here it is again... another beautiful smile!


I told the girls to get their Mom wet and this is what I got... they gave her a big wet hug! Seriously, it doesn't get any better!


Tickles and fun with Dad!

Playing in the water has never looked so good! This family is all about having a good time!

I'd say these little girls love their Dad! Who can blame them though when it's so much fun to play with and get tickles from dad!?!?

More laughing and playing with Dad!

Time to get Mom! "Here I come!"

Family fun!

That face! I'm pretty she is having a good time doing family photos!

Soaking wet and never a dull moment... Bright eyed and ready for more!

Hey look... even Mom and Dad look cute all wet :-) 

To the Ghering Family... Oh my goodness... it was SO much fun to photograph you all and make memories together! I think this has to be one of the most wet and fun photo sessions yet! I hope this isn't the last time we get to capture beautiful photographs together! Cheers!!!

Sneak Peek: Kseinya and Marvin Wedding!

What a wonderful couple! Kseinya and Marvin are one of the most generous, caring, and loving couples! I have enjoyed every minute of working with them; and I have to say, being a part of their wedding day was such a blessing! I was able to meet their families (which, by the way, are so friendly and kind!) and I was able to celebrate in the joy of such a beautiful new marriage! I have been literally gushing over their wedding photographs for a while now and I am so excited to share their full sneak peek! Enjoy! 

A smiley photograph of the happy couple! (You all know I like to start of blog posts with a smiley photo... but now let's get to the good stuff!)

I couldn't wait till you paged down further... I had to share this photograph right away... So beautiful! Kseinya and Marvin are like a prince and princess in a beautiful fairy tail! This photo is one of the many reasons I LOVE my job!!!

Ok... backing up a little bit to before the Bride and Groom see each other... I have to share Kseinya and Marvin's first look! If I used hashtags... I would say this is #pictureperfect and #toocute! Kseinya covering Marvin's eyes before he sees his Bride on their wedding day! LOVE it!

I'd say that is the face of a Groom who is in awe of his Bride! Doesn't get any better than this!

A few more moments from Kseinya and Marvin's first look!

The ladies!

The men!

The entire bridal party... looking as wonderful as ever! What a great group!

I said Kseinya was like a princess... well if you are a princess I think it means you have to twirl in your wedding gown!

A beautiful bride and a handsome groom! 

Seriously... how did I get so lucky to be a part of their wedding... these photographs are just too wonderful!

Quiet moments together!

I was told that Marvin wanted Kseinya to wear a veil on their wedding day and Kseinya said she didn't want to... On the wedding day Kseinya surprised Marvin by wearing a beautiful wedding veil. I figured with such a cute story it deserved to be in a few photographs!

Loving every minute of their special day! Smiles, laughs, holding hands and...

Of course some kisses!!! What a perfect dipping kiss! My weakness as a wedding photographer is the dipping kiss... It's one of my favorites!!! (But hey... who can blame me... look at the beautiful photo!)

So if you "like" Distinction Studio on Facebook you have probably already seen this photograph... but it is one of my favorites... those smiles are contagious!

Hands down my favorite photograph of the day! A little pika-boo through the greenery and a soft kiss on the forehead! Loving everything about this photo... I'd say it's photo magic for Kseinya and Marvin!


To Kseinya and Marvin... Congratulations! It was such an honor to be a part of capturing the memories of your wedding day! I have enjoyed every minute of getting to know you two! I hope that I will be your photographer for life and be able to capture many more memories of you both as husband and wife! Congratulations you are married now!!! Cheers!!!


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Sneak Peek: Amber and Ruslan Wedding!

I was so excited when Amber contacted me to photograph their wedding in the same town I attended collegeAmber and Ruslan are both Pullman, Washington natives... literally... they both grew up in Pullman, so of course it was only fitting that they tie-the-knot in the same town! The happy couple got married at SEL Event Center! The adorable couple was so much fun and I am honored to have been a part of their most special day!

As always... starting off the sneak peek blog post with a smiley photograph of the newlyweds!

The SEL Event Center is a large and modern venue. It has plenty of room for the guys and girls to get ready, the wedding ceremony, the reception, and more! It made the perfect venue for Amber and Ruslan's wedding!

The pearls Amber wore on her wedding day are a family heirloom and have been handed down through the generations. They made for a beautiful accent to her wedding attire!

Showing off the rings!

Amber's wedding garters were hand made by Amber's grandmother!

Ok... so as if it weren't enough for Amber's grandmother to make the wedding garters... Amber's grandma made her wedding dress! Now that is impressive! WOW!

A beautiful bride on her wedding day!

Ruslan made for a handsome groom!

The ladies!

The guys!

The entire bridal party! They look fabulous!

Haha! Ruslan is such a stud... The bridesmaids couldn't help but blow him kisses!

So I can't decide if Ruslan is more of a stud or Amber... just check out her flexing with the guys!

Not sure the bridal party liked all the kissing... but how fun is this photo!?!?!

Cheers to Amber and Ruslan!

Now to focus on the handsome groom and beautiful bride! 


Amber liked showing off the dress made just for her! (Grandma... you sure made a beautiful dress!)

Hand and hand!

If you follow the Distinction Studio Facebook you've already seen this photograph but it's just so cute I had to share it again! 


Oh my goodness... Romantic, loving, adorable... Picture perfect! 

I'm not entirely sure what these two are doing in this photograph but it's cute and different!


​Giving each other a little love! These are some of my personal favorites from the day!

Ending the post with my personal favorite... These two rocked the dipping kiss! With the Pullman wind blowing, the wedding veil was flowing beautifully! I can't get enough of this photo... it's romantic and photo magic!


To Ruslan and Amber... What a blessing it was so be able to photograph your wedding day! I enjoyed getting to know such a fun and loving couple! Now that you know how much I love visiting Pullman, hopefully this isn't the last time I get to photograph you two together! Congratulations... You're married now! Cheers!!!


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Sneak Peek: Zach and Madison Wedding!

I am so excited to share the MANY, MANY wonderful photographs from Zach and Madison's Wedding! The story that goes with Zach and Madison's Wedding is pretty cool. So each year at the Spokane Bridal Festival there is a non-profit called PreVeiled. Preveiled is the Inland Northwest's not for profit, non discriminating, wish granting organization, providing weddings, vow re-commitment and celebrations of love for couples facing life altering circumstances. Each year at the Bridal Festival, PreVeiled does an auction to raise money for their organization. Well... your favorite... Distinction Studio donated an entire engagement and wedding photography package to help raise money for PreVeiled! Long story short... Zach and Madison won the auction and all the money goes directly to PreVeiled! I was honored to be able to help donate and raise money for PreVeiled, as it truly touches my heart what this organization does for couples! Zach and Madison could not have been a more deserving and wonderful couple to work with and I am blessed to have been a part of their beautiful wedding which took place at Glover Mansion in downtown Spokane! Without talking too much more let's get to the fun part... sharing a little sneak peek from their wedding day! (Oh and if you didn't get a chance to check out their awesome engagement session here is the link!).

I always like to start off posts with a "smiley" photograph of the happy couple! Madison and Zach are so adorable!

Madison chose the perfect wedding dress and had beautiful pale pink bridesmaids dresses!


Time to get ready for the big day!

It's all about the details and Madison has thought of everything... even "I Do" stickers for the bottom of her wedding shoes! What is more cute than a flower girl in a beautiful little dress??? A flower girl in the bridal dress! A photograph Madison requested and it is adorable! Too perfect! 

Madison received a gift from her husband-to-be while getting ready... it was an engraved ring box! It's moments like these that make my heart melt!

And here are the rings that will go inside the ring box :-) 

Bridal attire... Bling, shoes, and garter! Love it!

Madison with her mom who is helping her to put on her dress!

I adore a great reflection photograph! Madison's smile in the reflection in the mirror is priceless.

It doesn't get much better than a black and white photograph of a stunning bride on her wedding day! Madison you are beautiful!

A little note to her husband-to-be which he will read while he gets ready!

Zach while he reads the letter from his Bride!

It's all about looking sharp on your wedding day!

I told Zach he should be on the cover of a magazine... What a handsome guy... all ready for his wedding day!

The guys! What a great looking group!

I LOVE this photograph of Madison showing off her garter... This girl is model material... WOWZA! Don't forget to check out the beautiful bridal bouquet!

Just check out this bridal beauty!

Madison's smile on her wedding day... Oh my gosh... genuine love, excitement, and joy!

The ladies! Beautiful as ever!

Have you seen the cover to Bridesmaids the movie? I'd say these ladies ROCKED a copy-cat photo of the movie cover... dare I say it... but it might even be better than the movie cover! So sassy!

The wedding ceremony!

Little flower girls... so cute! Zach waiting for his Bride!

Madison walking down the aisle and being given away! I love that Madison had a traditional veil that hung over her face... the moment it is lifted off her face is priceless!

You may now kiss the Bride... Madison and Zach sealing their love with a kiss as husband and wife!

The whole bridal party!

Ok now it's time to show off some wedding reception photographs!

That priceless cheesy smile of Madison looking at her husband is just about the cutest thing ever!

The first dance as husband and wife! 

You know it's a great reception when you have lots of photographs with people making funny faces and dancing!

Remember that photograph of Madison showing off her garter? Well now it's time to have Zach remove the garter... with his teeth! Oh my!

Honest... I don't think there is a better reception photograph then this one... Zach picked up his Bride and spun her around... Seriously one of the best photos of the night!

A pika-boo photo (which you all know I adore)... Then a dipping photo (another one of my favorites)... Time to show off photographs of the happy couple! Enjoy!

Just married! The perfect sign for their wedding day... Like I said, Madison has thought of everything!

As always... I end the blog post with a personal favorite from the day! This photograph of Madison and Zach under the wedding veil is absolutely my favorite photo! I LOVE how "Bridal/Wedding" it is and the smile and "almost kiss" makes my heart skip a beat! It's photo magic! 

To Zach and Madison... Congratulations! I am so honored to have been a part of your beautiful wedding day! I know you are moving across the state soon... but I truly hope this is not the last time I get to photograph you two! (I'd like to note that I frequently visit the Seattle area and I'm always game to make a trip across the state if it means I get to photograph you two again!) You both are such a pleasure to work with and to photograph. I wish you all the best as husband and wife! I love having you both as part of the Distinction Studio Family! CONGRATULATIONS Mr. and Mrs. Hein!

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Sneak Peek: Senior Lillian

Graduating from college is such an exciting time! Lillian is graduating from Eastern Washington University with her masters in communication! Not only did she attend Eastern for graduate school but she also got her undergrad degree from Eastern! I was so excited with Lillian contacted me to do senior pictures on the Eastern campus... We had a great time walking around getting all sorts of fun photographs! I wanted to share a little sneak peek from the wonderful photo session! Go Eagles!

Sitting on top of the world... or at least on top of the sign :-) Lillian is looking fabulous in her graduation gown!

A beautiful shot of Lillian in her cap! Showing off the tassels she worked so hard for!

A pika-boo picture! I just can't get enough of Lillian's smile... this girl is going to do great things!

As I said, we had a great time walking around the Eastern Washington University campus... I love the EWU Eagle banners lining the sidewalk!

Just a few more wonderful photographs from Lillian's college senior session! Congrats to Lillian!

I think Lillian thought I was crazy when I asked her to flip her hair and make it messy... I'd say it was all worth it though... this photograph turned out great! I love the smile!

My favorite photograph from the day is this one... Lillian showing off how excited she is to be graduating! With the giant Eastern Washington University sign in the background this image is photo magic! I'm so excited to have been a part of capturing this special time for Lillian!


To Lillian... Congratulations on your big accomplishment! It was such an honor to photograph you and be a part of celebrating this milestone! I hope this will not be the last time I have the honor of photographing you! (Remember, I can always travel to the western side of Washington to do photos :-) ***smiles***). Congrats and GO EAGLES! Cheers!!!