Sneak Peek: Ken and Jen Wedding

Talk about one cute couple! You would never know that on their wedding day it was nearly 100 degrees! Yikes! Ken and Jen tied-the-knot at The Barn on Wild Rose Prairie! This beautiful venue boasts an up-scale barn and spectacular rolling country sides that make the perfect backdrop for any country wedding!

A beautiful smiley photograph of the happy couple on their wedding day! I love the rolled hay bail it made for the perfect photo prop!

A beautiful bride getting ready for her big day!

Leave it to Ken and Jen to make any photograph look especially wonderful!

Just a little detail shot while Jen hangs out with her ladies in the Bridal room! 

I mentioned what a beautiful backdrop the country makes for a wedding ceremony... well now you can see it for yourself! I just love photographing at The Barn on Wild Rose Prairie!!! 

I am loving this detail photo of the rings with Jen's wonderful shoes in the background! (Apologies for the logo over Jen's Wedding band)

Shortly after seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day, Ken and Jen exchanged notes to each other... it was a special moment and those smiles on their faces truly say "I Love You"

A few photographs of the beautiful couple shortly after seeing each other! I love candid moments like these photos!

The ladies looking fabulous!

The guys are ready to go!

One cute and sassy bridal beauty! I love how Jen was all about striking a pose!

I love the "pops" of blue Jen incorporated into het wedding... Everything from Ken's tie to her shoes! Loving it!

These ladies are rocking the blue sunglasses! So serious!

Four kiddos, a fabulous group of women, and a whole lot of men... This is one great bridal party!

The ladies rocked the sunglasses... but I have to say, the guys do a pretty good job of showing off the shades also!

Showing off the rings!

I love a great country wedding photo! Ken and Jen made it so easy to have wonderful photographs... they were totally ready to climb on the giant roll of hay to get the perfect photograph!

Photographs like these are why having a bridal veil is so great! Romantic, passionate, and over the top!

I'm loving this relaxed bridal party photo! Notice Jen's foot-pop... that's a girl right after my own heart... I'm a sucker for the foot-pop!

Finishing off the post with 2 of my favorites... here is the first... I love the peek-a-boo photo looking though the grasses!

My other favorite from Jen and Ken's wedding day... of course, using the hay bail again! It's so sweet and romantic though... who wouldn't love a photo like this from their wedding day?!?! Picture perfect!

To Ken and Jen... Congratulations!!! It may have been warm on your wedding day but I don't think your photos show it at all! I am so honored to have been a part of your most special and magical day! I hope this will not be the last time I get to photograph you two together!!! Wishing you all the best as husband and wife!!! Cheers!!!

If you haven't had a chance to see Ken and Jen's Engagement Session by Distinction Studio be sure to check it out by clicking on the following link

Sneak Peek: Madison and Zach Engagement

Madison is such a cutie and Zach is quite the stud! Together they make a killer combination! For their engagement photographs, we wandered around Downtown Spokane and I enjoyed capturing lots of kisses, laughs, and love in their photos! We even included their little pup in a few pictures! So much fun! Then a few days after their engagement session I received an email from Madison... Here is what the email said... "Hey Rachel! I just wanted to say thank you so much! You made the engagement pictures so fun and we had such a good time! You're a great photographer! We are so excited to see the pictures!" -Madison ... Well Madison, I know this isn't all your photos but hopefully you will enjoy your sneak peek! Cheers!

As always, starting off the post with a smile-at-the-camera photo of the wonderful couple! They are looking fabulous!

​With the Spokane River in the background and the Spokane Pavilion... I'm loving this photo!

So as we were wandering around Downtown Spokane, we stumbled across these hearts which were drawn on to the side of these doors... I saw them and decided we needed something clever to go with them... this is what I came up with... Madison is blowing some kisses and love to her fiancé... quite possibly one of the cutest things I've ever seen! (And so fun that it was totally unplanned!!!)

Getting the whole family (pup included) into a photo! By the way... this little chocolate lab puppy may have a future in doggy modeling because he was so well behaved for photos! In the second photo, a little hand holding a kissing is ALWAYS welcome during engagement sessions! I'm loving it! 

Taking a quiet moment together and showing off the bling!

I said Madison and Zach make for a killer combination... I just love they way they look at each other with laughter and fun! 

I'd like to take credit for this clever idea... only all the credit goes to Zach; Who is officially claiming that Madison is reserved for him!!! (Madison I know you didn't really want to take this photo... but I'm being honest when I say... it was totally worth it... SO CUTE!)

I asked for passionate and YES... They delivered! One of my favorite photos from the day is this dipping kiss!!! Oh and I had to toss in one more blowing kisses photo because it's too cute not to share again!

The look of love! Awww!!!

Is it just me or is it getting a little hot? Turning up the heat with a sexy and passionate photo! I'm not complaining... it's picture perfect!

Daddy asked... Mommy Said YES!!! A great way to incorporate the whole family into engagement photos!

Finishing off the post with one of my personal favorites! What is it about bridges that get to me?!?! I love this image of Madison and Zach!

To Madison and Zach... Congratulations on your engagement! I am so excited to be a part of your wedding in 2015!!! We are going to make photography magic again next year! So much fun together! Cheers!!!

Romantic Wedding Glamping!!! A Glamping They Will Go!

Glamping... Glamorous Camping! Combine glamping with a wedding and magical things happen! Recently, I had the honor and joy of partnering with the wonderful ladies of Little White Book for a fabulous photo shoot featuring romantic wedding glamping! Of course I loved WAY too many pictures and had a hard time narrowing it down to just a few photos to share... so... as many of you who read the Distinction Studio blog regularly know... I couldn't narrow it down so there are lots of photos to enjoy!!! Be sure to check at the bottom of this blog post to see all the wonderful vendors featured in this amazing photo shoot! Also, usually I add my own comments (and such) with the photographs, but for this post... I think I will limit my commentary so you can the photos! Cheers!

The glamping trailer is all set up and ready to go... so is the wonderful couple! Looking fabulous!!!

A bride who knows how to relax and enjoy the moment! I'm loving this image!

Such a sweet moment! The Bride and Groom sneaking a little peek through the glamping trailer window!

Holding hands before the first look! No peeking!

Being a girl means loving accessories right? Pretty sure choosing which accessories to wear is the hard part! This bridal beauty has a whole suitcase of vintage jewelry to choose from! Decisions, decisions!

Sassy and sweet... a killer combination!

Seriously... Who knew hitch-hiking could look so great?!?! Now there is a groom ready to pick up his bride!!!

As beautiful as an angel! I love the sunlight on this bride's face and that smile is to die for!!!

A romantic picnic fit for two and set up perfectly... wine, strawberries, cupcakes... It doesn't get much better!!!

Sneaking a taste of the delicious cake... and caught in the act! :-) What a cutie!

I couldn't help but smile... this bride's laughs and giggles are contagious!

A flirty and fun cheers!

A glass of wine always makes for a good time! Cheers!

This couple is looking wonderful on the bicycle! How cute!

A little passion and dessert... two things that go together perfectly!

 A little foot-pop and a lift! It's my kind of photo! Picture perfect! Loving it!!!

Those flames are not the only thing creating heat in this image... this loving couple is turning up the heat! My goodness... adorable!

So I'm basically in love with this entire set of photos... but these two are in the top 5 of my favorites for sure!

When I'm photographing sometimes it is the moments of kissing and hugs that lead to the cutest photos! I couldn't help but capture this Bride and Groom sharing a moment together!

Ending the evening with a little romance before disappearing into their glamping trailer! 

As always... finishing off the post with my personal favorite photo from the day! A beautiful bride and handsome groom kissing under the tress, balloons, and sunlight! If that's not romantic I don't know what is?!?!?! By the way... I'm loving the foot-pop... So perfect!


Romantic Wedding Glamping Vendors...

Styling: The ladies of Little White Book

Venue: The White House

Photography: Distinction Studio

Hair and Make-up: Flawless Salon

Trailer and some items: Sister's On The Fly (Mig)

Cake: Just American Desserts

Grooms Attire: Tuxedo Gallery

Sneak Peek: Tyson and Stephanie Wedding

Tyson and Stephanie had a beautiful country wedding at Stephanie's parents private residents outside of Davenport, WA. The wedding was filled with beautiful details and lots of love! I could hardly decide which photographs to share; so of course I ended up sharing a TON!

As always, a great smiley photo of the happy couple! They look wonderful in the wheat field!

A little personalized pallet art!

I'm a sucker for a great photograph of the beautiful dress!

Tyson and Stephanie's rings look fabulous in Steph's bridal bouquet!

How cute are these ladies blowing a kiss at the beautiful bride?!?! I'm loving it!

Stephanie's bridal bouquet was a perfect fit for her classy, country wedding! I absolutely love the colors!

Steph's hair, dress, make-up and entire wedding day attire was one to write home about! She made a stunning bride!

I'm all about a bride adding a little personality to her wedding! When I saw Steph's shoes I fell in love! I'm no basketball player myself but Stephanie is and her kicks even had her wedding date embroidered into the side! (Notice June 21 above the Nike logo)! It's so great!

A beautiful bride!

The back of Stephanie's dress was amazing! I love all the detail along the train, and the open back! Stephanie's hair piece was even a perfect match... the hair piece was made from the same material and fabric from her wedding dress! 

Holding hands but no seeing each other just yet!

Moments before their first look, Tyson and Stephanie couldn't see each other from around the corner! Holding hands was acceptable though... it's so cute!

Now those are the faces of a Bride and Groom who are ready to get married!

Just relaxing on their wedding day!

The ladies of the bridal party!

The guys of the bridal party!

You all know I'm a sucker for a great dipping kiss... Tyson and Stephanie rocked it!

The entire bridal party! Looking wonderful!

How wonderful do these women look!?!?! The smiles and flowers and charm! 

Don't worry I didn't forget about Tyson! He looked so sharp!

I think this wonderful couple knocked out just about every single one of my favorite wedding poses! The dip earlier... and now Tyson carrying his Bride over the threshold! Seriously, does it get any better???

I think it's so important to take a few quiet moments together on your wedding day!

How wonderful is this styled backdrop! I love a great country wedding and when there is a little style added in, it's even better!

So serious!

A little cute and sassy!

A little peeking through the fence to capture a romantic moment!

When I told the girls to give me some attitude with the Groom they did just that! Watch out Tyson those ladies are making you look just a little too good (wink-wink-smile)!

The ladies did great but I have to give some massive kudos to the Bride! Stephanie having a little drink with the guys!

I just enjoyed this photo too much not to share it!

At the Brides request we got Tyson's parent's and Stephanie's parents and Tyson and Stephanie! Kisses all around!

I can't help but share a ton of photographs of the Bride and Groom! They are pretty much my favorite!

Those smiles... they say "I love you" :-)

What a stud! Stephanie is one lucky women!

Another Bride request... Stephanie's hand, her mom's hand, and her grandmother's hand all with their wedding rings!  Oh and of course the perfect Thank You card photo!

This Bridal Party was a blast and so much fun! They were all about having a good time and it made my day! I loved laughing and goofing off right along with them (oh and also getting some great photos of course!).

Oh my... one of my favorites... I love the country setting and passionate kiss!

A little attitude from the Bridal Party! 

I had to get in a few photographs of the happy couple looking at the camera and these are too wonderful!

WOW! I'm thinking this could be a cover photo for a book or magazine or something! Yikes! Turning up the heat!

A little more fun in the wheat! Kisses and love all around!

A romantic sunset photograph to finish off Tyson and Stephanie's sneak peek!

To Tyson and Stephanie... You two are so wonderful and I've had so much fun doing engagement and wedding photographs for you both! I honestly hope this is just the start of many, many times I get to photograph you two together! I've enjoyed capturing the love and joy you share together and I'm blessed to have been a part of your wedding day! Congratulations... You are married!!! Cheers!!!

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Sneak Peek: Anna and Joe Wedding!

Anna and Joe recently got married and had the most beautiful park wedding at Camp Caro in the Spokane Valley! Talk about a perfect green grass and wooded tree venue with a cute log cabin! I am very excited to share Anna and Joe's photographs because they were filled with love, smiles, and joy on their wedding day... and a bunch of kisses! This couple rocks... so enjoy their wonderful wedding!

Of course you all know by now that I like to start off a blog post with a smile at the camera picture of the happy couple! They sure do look fabulous!

When I saw the picture perfect log cabin at Camp Caro I knew I had to use it to my advantage; and I think hanging Anna's wedding dress from the balcony on the second level was just the perfect use of such a great cabin!

I said Anna and Joe had lots of kisses... this is just the start to a number of romantic and passionate kisses!

I LOVE when couples choose to do a first look and how cute is this photo! I can't get enough of the smile on Anna's face right before Joe turns around to see her for the first time! So cute!

Joe looked ever so sharp... that is the smile of a man who wants nothing more than to get married! Anna's bridal bouquet was unique and beautiful with dark purples and greens (don't you like the smile they are sharing peeking out from behind the bouquet?!?!?).

Anna was a stunning Bride!

The whole bridal party! One good looking group!  

A custom made ring pillow with embroidered names and everything! 

A little bit of fun with the bridal party! Kisses for Anna and Joe!

A romantic moment together!

I'm a sucker for the dipping photo! Ann and Joe's cake topper (made by Anna's Aunt) is one of a kind and designed with them in mind! Riding their bikes and wearing their wedding attire! It was absolutely fantastic!

Another kiss! I love the green grass, evergreen trees, and a quite moment of a loving bride and groom!

I LOVE a veil photo! How picture perfect is this image!?!?!

This photo of the Bridal Party is off the charts! The log cabin made for a perfect photo spot! ...Oh and did you notice Anna and Joe sharing a kiss again!!! :-)

Candid and perfect! Those smiles are genuine and I love it!

I enjoy ending with one of my personal favorite photographs from the day and a "pika-boo looking through a window" did it for me! 

To Anna and Joe... You both are truly wonderful and I am so excited for you! Your wedding was picture perfect and I hope this will not be the last time I get to photograph you both! I know many wonderful things are in store for you guys and I hope I get to hear all about the adventures that await you! Congratulations!!! Cheers!!!

If you missed Anna and Joe's Engagement Session by Distinction Studio be sure to click this link!!!

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