Distinction Studio is committed to excellence in every way from the photography to the customer service. Delivering high quality photography at an affordable price, Distinction Studio is proud to serve Spokane and the Inland Northwest (travel always an option too)!

Photographer, Rachel Dornquast has had a passion for photography since she was a young child. She began doing freelance photography while attending college. During her time in college, Rachel interned with a popular wedding and portrait photography studio in the Puget Sound area. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in photography, Rachel turned her attention to being a full time photographer.

So that was the formal information, now for the fun stuff! I grew up in the Seattle Area and probably because of that I am totally and completely addicted to coffee and more specifically Starbucks Coffee. My favorite color is pink... but you wouldn't know that from working with me because I always dress professional and usually that means no pink (major bummer if you ask me). I am married to the most wonderful man who is the reason I am in Spokane... Although I have to say Spokane and the Inland Northwest sure have grown on me (it's pretty fabulous here)! My husband and I are very excited to have officially started to grow our family; we have one son named Carter. Little Carter is quickly learning how to become a great photographer's assistant! Family is so important and I want people to realize that Distinction Studio is a family… When you have photos taken by Distinction Studio you become part of an awesome family! Speaking of family, we are also the proud owners of Lady Dog Dornquast who is a 12 pound little Shih Tzu; I say if Distinction Studio had a mascot she would be it! On other side information about me, I enjoy shopping at Nordstrom, spending time outside, and the occasional road trip (when time permits). Most of all, I LOVE being a photographer and I am so blessed to do something I love!